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Posted by SaraG on June 22, 2020


It’s really important when life is crazy busy and you only get a few moments to yourself with any regularity, that you have something just for yourself. For the last however many years, I’ve always had dramas as my go-to. With the exception of a couple of fun, younger shows, Thing One has never been very consistent with her drama watching, my husband sticks to moody European crime dramas, and Thing Two prefers anime over anything in the world. So I have always been able to count on being able to fill the rare empty moment with my drama of choice. 

A couple of weeks ago, after I’d completed something or another, I was looking for the next thing to escape into when I stumbled on Ancient Detective and happily consumed the first couple of episodes with hardly a blink. It’s like a fantastical mix of Clue and Scooby Doo. This particular blend of magic, murder mystery, and ancient Chinese martial arts is not only perfect for me but also Thing One. By episode 4 I found her watching over my shoulder snacking on some crackers – hooked. So now, we are about three episodes from the end, watching together. Which means I can’t just turn it on when she’s busy with karate practice or playing the clarinet.

So, after she’d wormed her way into that show, I picked up the first episode of Ghost Bride while I was running on my treadmill. The story, the styling, the sheer vibe of it all is unreal cool – I knew immediately that my husband would love it. It fits in that sweet spot between our tastes that would make it a perfect show to watch together. And so we did. Both loving every second of it. Which means I was down ANOTHER show to revel in on my own. 

During my nightly runs in the living room, I filled some time catching up on some Weekly Idol and Running Man but that only lasts so long before I need more of a plot to get lost in. So, after some discussion with the herd on what they were watching and after sampling an episode here and there, I decided to try Hospital Playlist because I’d been eyeballing it for a while, because I adore most of the cast, and because there was just something about it that kept catching my attention. 

I am so glad I did. It’s wonderful. It was the perfect mix of laugh out loud and heartfelt sobs. The blend of ‘case of the week’ and actual character-driven plot points with the pacing these particular writers are known for was spectacular. 10 out of 10, HIGHLY recommend. No Spoilers. 

BUT, one of the ribbons that run through each episode is that the five main characters, the best friends, have brought back the band they started in med school. Practicing in the basement of the keyboardist’s old house, they cover old hits, bicker like kids over who should be on vocals, and balance it with their love of this downtime with the demanding nature of life as a successful surgeon – because they are all surgeons in different fields of practice.  

I loved the covers. I adored these scenes in the show. This show was my peers doing what my peers do. My brother and husband play in cover bands – sometimes together and sometimes separately. My friends are successful adults still trying to figure out how to marry that with their internal images of themselves as hip youngsters. I’m that person too. This show is us. 

So good. 

Met You By Chance, Hospital Playlist Band (Cover of Songolmae)

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