Nu’est’s Minhyun Lands New Drama

Posted by Stephanie on June 30, 2020

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Nu'est Minhyun Nocturne

It’s confirmed! Nu’est’s Minhyun has been cast in an upcoming drama. This is not a drill Nu’est fans, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

LAUGH. Sorry. There’s no way I can be chill about this. Chill has left the building. Chill has been recast by arm-flailing fangirling. Would you care to join me?

I heard there were rumors, articles on him ‘considering’ the drama, but I decided due to 1) lack of information and 2) not wanting to get our hopes up, I’d wait to do a post on it. If it didn’t happen it wouldn’t hurt you as much, and if it did, well, we’d all celebrate together.

Looking at the lineup of Nu’est it was pretty much a given that Minhyun was going to try acting. He just has that look and feel about him. The “wouldn’t I look perfect as a leading man” sort of look. To that I say, hold your horses, Dear. We lovely you dearly, and agree you are pretty like an angel, but we also are those picky sorts of fans where we want our leading men to be able to act too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ruling it out, I’m just saying we, as responsible fans, going in there with warm hearts and open eyes. Its interesting, now that he’s cast, that he’s jumping right in as a leading man. Sure it’s a JTBC drama, sure, its a high school show, but he’s jumping right over bit player, sailing over B-lead, and landing right into hero territory.Nu'est Minhyun Love On

That’s a lot of pressure!

I also snicker a little bit at the idea of Minhyun the high schooler as he is like 26 years old, but hey, casting agents aren’t asking me, and if its this or no Minhyun being cast in a drama, I guess I’m watching a high school show.

Per Soompi, here’s what we have going on for a plot:

“Live On” is set to be a romance story that follows the lives of Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin), who is at the top of food chain at her high school where being trendy and popular brings higher social status, and Go Eun Taek (Minhyun), a perfectionist who is the head of the broadcasting club. Baek Ho Rang joins the broadcasting club in order get help from Go Eun Taek in uncovering the identity of a mysterious figure who is trying to bring to light parts of her past she wants to keep hidden.

I mean. I think it’s clear that I’m in it for Minhyun, but I guess that sounds interesting. From what I can see its not a remake of a webstory, which I find usually to be the case for these kinds of shows. Do we care? Well, there’s a proven plot in something adapted isn’t there? Something that, if people care enough to turn it into a series means it has to be somewhat popular, which means its own fandom.

Come on, if Minhyun is going to do this, let’s all make it popular, right? I really need all the good things in the world to happen for the members of this group. (Anyone else think JR would make a solid character actor? He’d for real be a B-lead I’d totally root for, a B-lead I’d cry for when he inevitably didn’t get the girl.)

I want to say we have a long time before this drama gets to us, so hang in there, but, hey, it’s almost July! If Love On is set to premiere in the second half of the year? Well, we’re almost there!

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