Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Wide Open

Posted by SaraG on July 2, 2020


It’s not a secret that I’m very multi-fandom. Given time, I will fall in love with pretty much anyone. It’s not that I adore everyone’s music or that I have chemistry with every single idol or group, it’s that I can’t stand to see someone not being cherished. If I hear that someone is struggling, even a little, I will inevitably feel the need to watch things on YouTube and then fall in some sort of love. And right now – whether it be because I’m wiped out from work and need a distraction or because the stars have shifted into some sort of precise alignment – I am wide open to any group currently recruiting my attention. 

For years I have been meaning to become an Alice – Victon’s fandom – and with the encouragement of one of our loveliest Nerd Herders, have consistently paid enough attention to the group that I wasn’t blind to their charms and talents. However, as I typically have an extremely full dance card, I have never paid them nearly the amount of attention they deserve. Their latest comeback paired with their appearance on Kcon: TACT and a few hours of variety on my first day off this year may have changed that.

This seven-member group debuted in 2016 – and as we’ve discussed before – have struggled a little to achieve the level of popularity they are certainly capable of. The members are charming, lovable, and incredibly talented. We’ve seen two of them highlighted on Produce X 101 with great success, and the other five are just as impressive. They have this wonderful blend of silly cuteness and maturity that not many groups can pull off. 

To top it off, I actually really like their music. 

Kisses, Victon, welcome to the family.  

Nostalgic Night, Victon


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