Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Reference Points

Posted by SaraG on July 9, 2020


One of the things I find enormously humanizing about artists from thousands of miles away is their musical reference points. I struggled with this a little when I was first getting into Kpop 6,000 years ago and I shared not a single common memory with anyone that I was falling in love with. What’s better than singing your favorite lyrics to some long lost song with a newfound friend? Not only was I not likely to meet any of these idols in person long enough to actually get to the singing together part of an evening, but I also wouldn’t know any of their fav childhood classics – besides Michael Jackson, and we’re not going there.

As I’ve been in the Kpop scene longer and longer and we’ve begun to move from second to third to now even fourth-generation idol groups, I am finally well aware and more than well versed in many of the songs that some of these groups have grown up with. This became apparent to me this past weekend when I was watching some variety with my KB (virtually, of course) and one of the young members covered a  Busker Busker song as part of their talent on a popular show. 

Hold up. Not only did I know the song, but I hadn’t thought about it in years. It was a musical memory in my tableau. It was something I shared with this artist in some minuscule way. We both have thoughts and feelings about a song from years ago. That’s really stinking cool. 

And humanizing. 

Thank you Busker Busker for showing me just how long I’ve been around and making me happy to be here. 

Bloom, Busker Busker


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