Variety Alert: Eating With K-Bob Star!

Posted by Stephanie on July 14, 2020


You know how I have a thing? A special quirk? An itsy bitsy fetish one might say? And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Who of you out there love idols? Lots of you, lots of you. Keep your hands raised if you love watching idols eating! Oooh! I knew I wasn’t the only one. Well, if you are like me and love watching idols stuff their faces with food while promoting their newest release, then K-Bob Star is the variety show for you!

Never heard of it? Well, don’t worry, you’re not completely out of the loop as the YouTube show has only been around since April. Think about it, we’ve been locked inside our houses longer than this show was a thing.

The premise is simple and hilarious. Hosts, Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook, veteran variety show hosts, invite idols to eat at a farm in the country. Here is the entire plot of the show:

  1. Idol group who is making a comeback arrive at the farm.
  2. Idols are all wearing name tags that list in abbreviated form, the stars favorite dish or dish they want to eat before they die depending on the show. The hosts then try to guess what the dishes are.
  3. Banter Banter Banter.
  4. Idols are invited to burn off some calories by doing some sort of exercise or dance move.
  5. More banter, usually involving just how much they’ve spent on meat for the visit.
  6. Hosts reveal what they will be cooking for the idols.
  7. Hosts start preparing in a GIANT pot with huge amounts of the dish of the day.
  8. Idols gasp and freak at the amount of food put in front of them.
  9. Idols eat more food than they’ve ever eaten in their lives.
  10. Hosts make a second dish.
  11. Idols manage to eat that one too.
  12. Next scene, the idols and hosts are out in the field and the group has to perform their new song and dance again and again until the hosts can figure out the name of the song or certain lyric.

It’s HILARIOUS. For real so funny. And the looks the idols give when the food comes out…. like, they know its coming, in the Nu’est episode, they even talk about how they are going to react, but when those ingredients just start being thrown into the skillet? Their natural reactions can not be held back.

And the food looks amazing. Seriously, it’s food porn the entire time. (Except that time where they feed giant lobster to Monsta X. Guys. If a lobster is that big, its old and tough. Smaller ones are actually better to eat. I don’t eat lobster but I come from New England and we all know that.) Alix and I were watching the most recent episode with SF9 and the food just kept getting yummier and yummier. Sigh. Now I want Korean food. (But then again, when don’t I want Korean food??)

Anyway, their guests so far have been Cravity (their first), Nu’est, Monsta X, N.Flying, IZONE, WJSN, and Oh My Girl. I love the fact that the hosts are huge Nu’est fans and had actually pleaded to the fandom to get the guys to do a recording. They are like fangirls when they show up! It makes me so happy. And the ribs they give them? Swooon.

I love this show. It might be because food = comfort.

Or, I like the idea of these idols being fed when most of them are on crazy diets during the promotion? Or the comradery between the two hosts?

I don’t know, but whatever it is? I can watch these episodes again and again and really thought you should know about it! Check out K-Bob Star on their Youtube channel 케이밥스타 [K-밥 STAR]


If you could ask to have a group show up on K-bob star, who would it be?


  • Reply SaraG July 14, 2020 at 7:42 am

    Hands down, Victon. Eating is a thing in that group and I’d love to see them pack it away. OR, what about the AOMG guys. Gray, Kunst, Woo, and Simon D??

  • Reply Alix July 14, 2020 at 9:46 am

    Ohhh I agree that Victon would be awesome. And Stephanie, so excited for your journey to becoming a Fantasy!

  • Reply Humbledaisy July 15, 2020 at 12:43 am

    I just listened to Eric Man’s podcast, I think you’re dope, with Phil Rosenthal (from a food program on Netflix) And they talk about the GIANT lobsters from the fish market in Seoul. Turns out that breed is super tender and one alone costs $200! Eric said he was jealous because he’s never been treated to one but Phil had. I guess you can’t get them in the states! This show is going to make twice as hungry as the podcast did! (Oh – and I would eat and drink with all the stars (Eric Nam, Tablo, Day6’s Jae, Ravi) who podcast at Dive Studios. They make me laugh!)

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