Kpop Workouts: A Followup

Posted by Stephanie on July 16, 2020


To those of you who thought I abandoned the Kpop Workouts since I haven’t been posting anymore, let me just say, you apparently don’t know me very well, and frankly that disappoints me. Five days a week I tell you, five days a week, I haul my ass out of bed, roll back the carpet, and start my workout. Depending on the video I workout anywhere from 30-50 minutes, shower, go to work. Rinse. Repeat.

If that’s the case why haven’t I been posting? You don’t believe me? Well, you have then also forgotten a very important thing about me…I’m super repetitive and boring. I have no new posts to write for you because I’m doing no new workouts. After a lot of trial and error, I found some channels that work for me and I stick there.

So, I guess this experiment has been a success?

I started out with those dance videos, and while fun and got my heart rate going, wasn’t quite the cardio I was looking for. Plus, I spent a good portion of my workout time choosing which video to do next. I now use these individual videos for days off, or times where I really, really can’t face doing one of my harder videos again. (I get quite whiny early morning.)

From there I found some kickboxing videos which overlayed kpop songs/videos in the background. This was a step in the direction I was looking for. However, it wasn’t quite the right fit.

I then stumbled onto the channel Cardio Party Mashup Fitness. The videos looked hard, which they are, however, they do have low impact versions within each video. She regularly features some Kpop focused videos, and primarily I do those. It seems to be a dance HITT workout, a bit of dance, a big of repetitive workout movements, a whole lot of sweat. After trying a few, and continuing to hunt around, I found myself coming back to her channel again and again. She has a bit of a BTS bias but, nothing can quite make me sweat like these videos.

Here are a few of the ones I do on the regular:

ATEEZ & Stray Kids Extreme Dance HITT

This one only came out this week, and I’ve already done it twice. Both times I sweat so much it stings my eyes. I don’t know about you but I call that good. In this video, she has one person primarily doing the low impact options, which makes it really easy to follow.

BTS Rapline 500 Calorie Workout

This one caught my eye as of anything, you know I love that Rapline. The songs are a mix of the subunits work together and solo songs from their mixtapes, including 2 from Hopeworld and 1 from AugustD. This one has a bit more floor work than I like, but I work around it. (I HATE floor work.)

BTS Cardio Workout 3 Levels of Impact

Another BTS focused video but I like this one as, with the use of split screens, has three levels of impact, of anything here you’ll find a version that works for you. Me? I do some mix between the high and low impact depending on how my knee feels for the day.

Girl K-Pop Extreme Dance HITT Cardio & Weights Workout

This one I haven’t done yet, it hasn’t been out for very long and I don’t love the girl groups, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I break down and give it a go.

2 In 1 500 Calorie Kpop Workout

I have done this one a few times. It has more of a variety of girl and boy groups. It’s not one of my favorites but I can never remember why until I actually get in there and start it…. by then it’s too late and I might as well keep going. (Not that it’s bad, it’s just not my favorite.)

BTS+TXT+ATEEZ 500 Calorie Workout

I’ve put aside my TXT anti-bias to give this one go a few times. Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone but that dog song of theirs might not be terrible.

She actually has a lot of Kpop workout videos on her channel — a ton if you like BTS. If you’re interested, on Youtube she’s doing free live BTS + TXT Dance HITT Workout Saturday at 8am 7/18. (I’m assuming this is Eastern time.) I’m thinking about joining, however, 8am EST means 6am MT, and I don’t know if I want to do that on a Saturday morning. That’s my laying in bed reading fanfic time!


Finally, Cardio Party Mashup Fitness is actually not the only video channel I’m working with. Remember the boys? These Alblanc boys?

I haven’t forgotten them! While they are very cute, I love cardio, and I found their walking sweat videos not really doing it for me, especially when they didn’t sub a few of the new ones. I was about to bail on them (yes, they have some much more intense smaller Tabata videos, but I peeked and they are not for uncoordinated me.) but then I realized if I add weights? These videos become a killer arm workout! I know all cardio all the time is not good for you, that it’s really a mixture of weights, targeted weight training, cardio, and diet which really flicks the fitness switch, but being stuck at home, without access to proper weights or weight machines made adding this portion to my routine very hard. With this simple modification (I have 4-pound ankle weights from PT that I strap onto my wrists) I have an acceptable solution!

e.5 30분 걷기 홈트 (땀범벅💦!!) | 30min HOME WALKING (SWEAT💦!!) for ALL AGES

e9. The World of Home Walking(Feat. Dave)💦 | 미국인 데이브와 함께하는 30분 면역 증가 홈워킹!💦

These guys are delightful. Maybe someday I’ll be ballsy enough to give their more focused videos a try….but today is not that day!

So, in summation. Fitness? I’m on it. I want to say I feel myself getting stronger and more fit with all my effort but I’m not certain that’s the case. I can tell you it makes me feel better both from a fitness and reduction of anxiety perspective and helps me push back the major pounds I’d be adding on with all the stress eating!

Yay, Kpop Workouts!

How about you? How are you doing? Have gyms opened up in your area now? My gym is open but I’ve made the decision not to go back for the time being. Home is safer and if I can get just as hard of a workout here rather than going out? To a gym that was never that clean on the best of days? Makes the choice pretty simple.


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  • Reply humbledaisy July 16, 2020 at 5:35 pm

    Thanks! I’ve actually been fighting through a foot injury and since no ice arenas are open – no skating, either. Now – things are opening up and the only thing I have to show is the sweater I’ve been knitting. So, I bought a sliding board (you practice skating on it) and I’m taking over a bay of my garage (sorry, Mr. Daisy!) that has wi-fi. I think I’ll watch a few of these while I’m sliding back and forth and pick out the ones to actually try. Here’s to good health!

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