Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Wish For More Wishes

Posted by SaraG on July 23, 2020


Have you put much thought into what you would wish for if you were given the chance? I mean, you can wish anytime you want, but what would you ask for from the genie in the lamp or a magic mirror or what have you? OF COURSE, we’d all say “I’d wish for more wishes” but if that was against the rules, WHAT WOULD YOU ASK FOR?

I want to think that I’m selfless and I’d try to figure out the right wording to cure cancer or some other horrific ailment (goodbye COVID-19) or I’d ask for world peace, but it’s really freaking hot outside right now and I don’t have AC so…Or I might succumb to my life long desire to be able to communicate in any language…Or I might go the traditional wealth route because come on, how great would it be to have a little extra moolah floating around so I wasn’t worried about my house falling down around my ears while I save up for my next international adventure. I tell you what though, I wouldn’t be wishing for the happiness of my ex-lovers. They’re exes for a reason, yo. 

That being said, I don’t mind a good forgiveness theme in my entertainment. Bring in Damiano. 

Damiano is a solo Korean singer/rapper that debuted in 2014. There isn’t a ton of information out there about who he is as a person or about his backstory – I don’t even know how I stumbled on his music. But I did, and I’m glad. I’m a big fan. His most recent release is actually from 2019, Wish (or Baram if you just want the romanized version of the name). It’s the perfect head-bobbing song, the natural flow of the backing track, and his rapping style kind of bopping up and down through the whole thing. I’ve not really delved too deeply into the lyrics, but what I can pull out of it is the theme of wanting someone to be happy. I can only infer that he’s wanting someone he loved or loves to be happy in their life despite their not being together.

Regardless of his altruism, the song is kind of perfect to dance to as you take care of all of those chores around the house you can’t wish away. Just saying. 

Wish, Damiano



  • Reply humbledaisy July 23, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Have you heard his Irish Exit (or as we call it in my house, Irish Goodbye)? Perfect!

    • Reply SaraG August 3, 2020 at 10:15 am

      I have!! and it’s the cutest MV. all pastel and candy filled.

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