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Posted by Stephanie on July 28, 2020


Space SweepersI read a couple articles about the upcoming movie Space Sweepers with Song Joong Ki and… I don’t think I get what they are trying to do. This post is me trying to hash it out, because sometimes a question is easiest solved while talking about it aloud.

So the gist of it, is the production of the upcoming movie Space Sweepers (which I’ve typed twice and three times I started with Space Invad…. before realizing my mistake.) is opening up to the public a historic chance to invest in a movie. Umm… what? Essentially they are looking for movie investors. Number one question. If I invest, does that mean I get a production credit? Isn’t that what a producer is? You pay for the movie to come out?

Actually. Scratch that. The real Number One question would be, if I invest my savings into Space Sweepers would I get to meet Song Joong Ki? If so, they might actually have my attention.

Here’s part of the comment from the distributor Merry Christmas. (I already find this distributor suspect from their name alone.)

“This is an easy opportunity for the public to participate in the investment of commercial blockbuster films, which was limited to existing distributors and investment agencies specializing in investment. The space science fiction film ‘Space Sweepers,’ which is drawing attention as a highly anticipated film in 2020, will start the process of receiving investments from the general public on July 22.”

I get the need to have investors for movies, it happens all the time, especially for small independent movies trying to get off the ground. I remember in particular the Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie which my friend Laurie pledged enough to get an invite to the premier. But those are small independent movies. Space Sweepers, the planned summertime blockbuster is certainly not one of those. Even without looking at the trailer and that they have Song Joong Ki, the fact that the movie is a space epic tells me this is not a movie planned on the cheap. Let’s take a look at that trailer.

I see special effects, I see computer graphics, I see huge set design, I see Song Joong Ki. This is not a cheap movie.

The other question is timing. This isn’t a movie they are trying to get off the ground and into production. No, this movie was actually already supposed to be out in theaters but was postponed due to the COVID outbreak. It’s currently scheduled for another release date of Chosuk. So. They don’t need our money to get the movie started. Or produced. So what do they need money for?

They mention getting creative in the time of COVID. Sure, getting people into the seats of a theater you’re going to need some assistance with. But how would the money help? To clean the theater before each showing? To promote the movie once it’s deemed safe to release it? (Though Train To Busan Presents: Penninsula seems to be doing just fine in the  theaters currently.) Why would you need viewers’ cash to promote it? Aren’t the same people who care enough to pay the same ones who would brave the theater to go see it?

I don’t get it.

I don’t see how anyone who invests their money at this stage in the game could ever expect to make anything back. To bill it as a once in a lifetime chance to get in on the movie experience? How? Give us your cash and you…get what? I could see if they did a Kickstarter for whatever it is they need cash for. Pledge this amount, get an autograph, pledge this amount, get a copy of the movie, pledge the ultimate amount and Song Joong Ki will come to your house with the movie and a package of microwave popcorn and you’ll snuggle up on the couch to watch together? Sure, let me give you all my money. But to bill it as a chance to invest? Like the production is doing YOU a favor? It just strikes me as awful.

And I don’t even know why.

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  • Reply SaraG July 28, 2020 at 11:20 am

    My guess is, and I don’t work in the entertainment field, the movie was insanely expensive to make, as you noted…thus, in order to make any money back and ensure that they can pay for everything (all of the effects, sets, actors, and staff) they needed a huge audience. They can’t get a huge audience because of COVID sooooo, they need people to just give them money to make up the difference between what they spent vs. what they thought they would make to cover those costs.

    Think of it like all of those times you desperately wanted to throw money at idols just to show them you love them. The movie people are asking you to do the same thing because they can’t get butts in the seats.

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