Ultimate Boyfriend Jaehyun…Becoming A Boyfriend?

Posted by Stephanie on August 4, 2020

Casting News

Jaehyun NCTDon’t you love it when art imitates life? Or, to be more specific, don’t you love it when the story inside your head comes out to play? While it’s not official, Ultimate Boyfriend Jaehyun from NCT is in talks to star in his first drama!

I called it! I knew I could see Jaehyun as an actor. I mean 1) I could see him as my boyfriend but 2) if that can’t happen, I definitely vote him making his way up the drama ladder. Who knew, if he signs on, he’d jump right to the top as a lead?

The show in question is called Dear.M.¬†which is a spin-off a popular web drama called Love Playlist. Love Playlist¬†is a 4 part series, each season increasing from 8 to 16 episodes and from 5 to 20 minutes long. (So what I’m reading here is it kept getting more popular so the production continued to extend and expand the series.) Instead of doing another season of the original storylines and cast, they’ve decided to make the jump and start a spin-off, different characters different storylines, the only existing cast to stick around being the couple from the last season handily named Love Playlist: Season 4.

While I’m guessing the change might upset some of the existing fans (I mean the production kept pushing and expanding so there had to be a popularity that called for it.) I can see why they’d want to branch out, to keep the storylines fresh and hopefully keep the brand going.

And let me tell you, if they cast Jaehyun? Well, they have a viewer in me. And I didn’t even know what this series was before! Just print me up a t-shirt that says I’m Here For Jaehyun and call it a day… which should surprise no one as I’ve made no secret of my swoon for him.

Another change being made? Another sign this is a very popular series? It just might make the jump from webdrama to actual network series with KBS possibly looking to pick up the project. I’d say it could be the casting on this, but I think broadcast networks know an idol actor could go one of two ways. One where they are eventually able to drop the idol from their title or… one where they slink off and pretend their acting attempts never happened.

This show is so, so, so in the early days, this is all we have for information but you better believe I’m going to keep my eye out for this one and hope this casting rumor becomes a reality.


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