Khottie of the Week: WOW! Or Wow From A.C.E

Posted by Stephanie on August 9, 2020

Khottie of the Week

After the raging success of last week’s faux Kpop School lesson of A.C.E’s Jun (only one wrong pic!) I’ve decided to plow forward and continue my faux schooling with WOW from A.C.E. Can we beat last week’s track record? I’m cautiously un-optimistic.

Let School Begin.


I’m pretty sure that’s how one would pronounce Wow!.

As why would one choose a name which is an actual exclaimation if it weren’t meant to be pronounced as such.

WOW! is a member of the very popular group, A.C.E.

I also know this to be a fact.

Though, as with last week, without a hangover as an excuse, I still refuse to actually do any research for this post.

So you will get facts (?) and fact-facts.

Its up to you to decide which is correct.

WOW! is very snuggly with members of his group.

And most especially with his #1 snuggle buddy (fact-fact) Byeongkwan.

This could have been the WOW! and Byeongkwan snuggle post.

WOW! is often blond.

If he isn’t , then I’ve only found pics of him during one blond, fluffy haired concept.

The blond made it easier to help pick him out.

Not blond = ambiguous WOW!

Or, if you will ….wow(?)

Apparently via a question to SaraG, WOW! is a weight fluxuator.

Both are cute, but one makes him more WOW! than the other.

ALERT: Take that comment as me finding one WOW! easier to recognize than the other, not that one WOW! is better than another WOW!

We are pro all WOW!s here.

Except those WOW!s I’ve labeled as WOW! and are not. SaraG offered to validate all WOW! photos for me.

But would that be cheating in class?

What the hell, here’s another WOW! Byeongkwan photo.

Because my factual brain tells me he would like that.

I can’t wait to learn about WOW! for real!

The A.C.E boys are on the official shortlist for the next Tipsy Podcast with SaraG.

Perhaps even a Kpop School.

Because WOW! Would like that.




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