Zombie Detective?

Posted by Stephanie on August 11, 2020


Does the idea of a Zombie detective give you pause? Think it couldn’t be plausible? Think Kdrama has gone too far? Well. Step back, this is also the land that brought us vampire prosecutors and vampire doctors. I guess it was only a matter of time before zombies got their time in the spotlight.

Actually, with the popularity of the zombie movies going on right now (#Alive and Penninsula) and Netflix’s Kingdom series everything’s currently coming up zombies.

And I’m so excited.

I’ve been super bummed I haven’t been able to legally get my hands on a copy of the movies… sure they’re currently in theaters, but aren’t all US movies currently going direct to a streaming service? Why is Korea so lucky? Oh. Right. They were actually able to handle their virus. (Bitter, party of me.) And as it looks like it will be years before we get another season of Kingdom (and the talks are to actually do the next one as a prequel.) I have some room on my plate and a lust in my loins for some zombie content.

Zombie Detective premiering August 31st stars Choi Jin Hyuk as the zombie detective in question, and I know, this is going to make you pause. Choi Jin Hyuk? Serious actor Choi Jin Hyuk starring as a zombie detective? Dude. Seriously. Isn’t that what makes this news even more exciting? Can you see just what a tortured side he’s going to bring out to this character? This is going to be one sexy angsty zombie.

And no, I can’t believe I wrote that either but you know I’m right, right? Look at this!

Or this one! You know what can only make Choi Jin Hyuk smolder more? How about some sexy guy-liner! Zombie Detective Character Shot

I know what you’re thinking. Where can you sign up for this show? You’re demanding you want in, too. I get it. However, as discerning adults (or almost adults), we are beyond such hormonal leanings. We make choices based on facts. That being said, let’s take a look at the synopsis:

The drama is a “human comedy” about a zombie in his second year of resurrection who becomes a detective in pursuit of his past, all the while doing his best to coexist with humans.
Choi Jin Hyuk will be playing Kim Moo Young, a handsome zombie with an incredible physique. It’s been two years since he resurrected as a zombie and lost his memory, and after incredible effort to correct his inarticulate speech and awkward gait, he finds a new beginning as a detective.
Park Ju Hyun will be taking on the role of Gong Seon Ji, a writer of an investigative journalism program with unrivaled optimism, tenacity, and sense of justice. When a witness of a case she’s investigating is attacked by an unknown assailant, she leaves the industry in shock. She later encounters zombie detective Kim Moo Young and begins working at his office.

I mean, it says it all right there, handsome zombie with an incredible physique. Wait. No, I mean, interesting plot points. Zombies are around in this world, living their GD lives, working their regular jobs. Sure, they don’t know anything about their past but what supernatural being does?

Luckily, we’re far enough along in the drama process where we even have a teaser. Ready to be teased by a handsome zombie with an incredible physique? I mean… ready to be intrigued by good acting, varied plots and…ummm…. camera work?

Oh yeah, I’ve seen due diligence, weighed the pros and cons, thrown all that out the window and said SIGN ME UP FOR  A HANDSOME ZOMBIE WITH AN INCREDIBLE PHYSIQUE!

Zombie Detective Poster

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    But – the blood on the lips of the handsome zombie with fabulous physique. . . Maybe not.

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