Khottie of the Week: Byeongkwan of A.C.E!

Posted by Stephanie on August 16, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Its finally time for the baby of A.C.E (probably, I don’t really know if he’s officially the maknae, he just seems it.) just in case he isn’t, lets adjust that a bit… its time for the Khottie crown to be officially passed off to Kim Byeongkwan of A.C.E! Secret story, this whole A.C.E khottie rabbit hole I’ve fallen down started because I saw Byeongkwan on the Khottie spreadsheet (that’s right there’s a spreadsheet, how sexy is that?) said, “I know who he is” and started harvesting photos. Only then I realized, sure he had a birthday in August making him age-eligible (24 is our requirement to the frustration of past post writers), but since it hadn’t actually taken place this week, by doing him earlier this month, technically I would have been a low down cheater. So I moved onto other band members.

Happy Birthday, Byeongkwan!

Possible maknae, but I think there is one younger?

Someones going to poke me for this one but in good old fashion habit, I’m not going to look it up, as that would also be cheating the faux fact-i-ness of this series of posts.

Is there a Chan in A.C.E? Is he actually the youngest?

There’s another one, Donghun, but I think he’s oldest? Or older?

For all my refusal to look actual facts up, I’m going to say, I’m getting pretty good at picking these guys out of a lineup.

And by lineup I mean I can pick a bunch of them out of a album photo book.

But back to Byeonkwan of A.C.E.


Landing him somewhere in the age hierarchy of the group.

And if you ask SaraG, he’s the gateway into A.C.E.

I remember going to Chicago last fall and Leila was showing me the concept photos of their comeback she’d found on Redit.

I don’t remember anything else from that internet hunt, but I do remember Byeongkwan and his french braids.

Who knew I was looking at pictures to a comeback which would have a song that would make me stop and look at A.C.E for the first time.

That, now, almost a year later, I’d think…ooooh A.C.E, I gotta learn them.

Byeongkwan has such a distinct look to him, I think I have a 1 Million Percent chance I’m going to ace the Are All These Actually Pictures of Byeongkwan? test.

Or, they’re pictures of Byeongkwan and WOW!

Since, as we learned last week, their natural state of being seems to be touching one another.

Which, I don’t know about you, but I’m super-cool with that.

And if you’re not super cool with idols snuggled up on each other? Maybe you should leave.

Sure wish I had a Byeongkwan fact for you.

Actually. Thinking about it. We know he’s Kim Byeongkwan of A.C.E.

He’s 24 years old.

He likes to get handsy with WOW!

He has pretty eyes.

And looks good in crop tops.

So, here ends our lesson.


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