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Posted by SaraG on August 17, 2020


I am one of those folks that still goes into the office. I have the flexibility to work from home when I want to, but there’s something to be said for being in my workplace with some of my team for direct communication and for those giant double monitors and the personalized bias calendar (thanks to my #KB) sitting on my desk. I am also the one that does 95% of the grocery shopping for my household and pretty much all of the liquor store runs. This means that I have gotten somewhat work-appropriate dressed on the regular and I have not been stuck in the house for days on end. But these four locations (home, office, grocery, and liquor store) do not a world make. I am used to always planning for the next big trip and actually taking those trips.

So when KpopontheDL popped Grizzly’s Homework in our chat, I just about fainted from both how much I enjoy his music and from how much I identified with the song and MV. Grizzly is a Korean singer/songwriter/composer with the management company EGO. He debuted in 2014 and has always kind of floated around the edges of popularity. He’s one of those artists that I forget to follow routinely, but when he pops into my feed on YouTube or iTunes I remember just what a pure talent he is. 

Homework is Grizzly’s fourteenth single…let me repeat that…fourteenth single. That’s a lot of songs for someone you can barely find any information about online and that situation is oh so very frustrating for someone like me – someone that absolutely loves to know everything. The MV is or is filmed to look like a day in the life – and it is a day in my life. With Nutella, the too-long shower, the vacuum cleaner, sparkling wine, and the living room treadmill, I feel like this man could possibly be my long lost soul twin. His COVID is my COVID, except I have more yelling in Zoom meetings and he has more playing the guitar. The music is pretty the standard R&B influenced sound that is incredibly popular in Korea right now and I am 100% there for it. It never seems to get old for me. 

The only thing that throws me? He appears to make his bed at night, right before he jumps in. If you’re going to be a bed maker, do it in the morning so it’s nice all day and you can just slip in between the sheets when the time comes. I’m not a procrastinator by any stretch of the imagination. 

Homework, Grizzly


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  • Reply Stephanie August 17, 2020 at 10:48 pm

    This is exactly what my COVID sequestering has looked like.

    Also, at first I didn’t think I was going to like the song, but I really did! And he seems adorable with lovely tattoos

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