Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Sexy Time

Posted by SaraG on August 20, 2020


I love sexy music. Baby making music. Music to make loooove to your partner to. And there is something about a solid falsetto that just really, really does it for me. I know it’s not for everyone and that if I made a playlist that I found particularly titillating, you might find it quite the opposite. But that would be your loss because obviously, I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been following Maddox, a singer, songwriter, and composer since he signed with KQ Entertainment in 2018. We got to see dribbles and drabbles of his talent over the course of the year before he actually debuted, but we didn’t really get to know him all that well as a person. He was busy writing music instead of showing up on variety or taking part in other programming. From what I saw and heard at the time, Maddox was going to be a confident, sexy crooner and I would immediately want to jump into bed with him. I mean, that face, that voice, and that piercing do things for me. 

When I got to know him a little better as a person through some Insta lives and on the show Sign Here as Jay Park worked to find the next artist to sign on AOMG, I learned that he is very fresh, still figuring himself out, finding his confidence in a field thick with talent, and still very, very sexy. 

His debut song But Maybe is literally 2’6” of him singing about what he wants to do with the listener if they want him to. There is nothing sexier than consent. Except maybe a whole song sung about consent in a voice so perfectly juxtaposed between a natural sounding falsetto with a still crazy fantastic feel of masculinity. The video is largely just him posing around an expensive-looking room and driving a car, but the attention to detail – from his untied shoe to the images reflected in his rearview mirror – is sublime. Nothing breaks the mood throughout. You can hear Eden’s influence, the producer responsible for ATEEZ’s sound, throughout the music as Maddox actually works in Eden’s studio and spends most of his waking hours in his company or the company of the other Edenary producers. It’s a sound I love and a feel I adore. 

So yes, just to be perfectly clear, Maddox is someone I am following very closely. With relatively little exposure and just a few songs to his name available for consumption, he has wormed his way onto my bias list and I don’t see him popping off of it any time soon. 

But Maybe, Maddox

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