Love By Chance 2! Ready?

Posted by Stephanie on August 21, 2020


We have a date! And a trailer! And even more fun/troubling/interesting news from the upcoming Love By Chance 2. Are you finally ready for this thing?

I’m not certain I am!

I don’t think its a secret to anyone that Love By Chance has a warm spot in my heart. Its heartwarming, troubling, and once I started watching, I literally couldn’t put it down. I sat there on my couch and did the one more episode, just one more episode dance. Finally, I got off my couch, got dressed to go to the gym, stepped outside, said ‘fuck it’, and went back in and watched for the rest of the day. I finished it that weekend. And then the very next? Alix and I trundled down to SaraG’s house and binged the whole thing with her. I think we did it in one day. (We’re dedicated like that.) Since then, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve rewatched it.

Off and on since then, there’s been rumors talks of a season two, and I was okayish with that. I don’t love season 2s as they tend to mess up what I love about season one. Sure in season one TinCan ended up a heartbreaking mess but, hey, Pete and Ae were good and sometimes that’s life. I would have been totally fine without a season two.

Then though? It became official. Season two was happening. YAY! More story. TinCan can totally work themselves out. Downside? Saint, who played Pete, would not be back. News that came after said he hadn’t even been invited back. News leaked there was trouble between (depending on what you hear) issues between Saint and Perth or issues between Saint’s people and Perth’s people. Whatever it was, the production decided sure we’ll come back and we’re going to choose to work with Perth.

Too bad, so sad Saint.

So we have that to worry about. It could go many ways though. They could send Pete away to an exchange school (he was an international student it was plausible), they could pull the ‘oh, he’s on another part of the campus’ trick they did with the TharnType couple (irritating but doable), or they break them up (you better not fucking go this way or Imma gonna riot in the street. I’m an angry middle-aged lady who has no shame, it’ll happen.) None of these are optimal, but they’re workable. (AGAIN EXCEPT OPTION NUMBER 3, I HAVE MY EYE ON YOU, WRITERS). Love By Chance 2 Poster

Now, we’re close enough to have a date. September 2nd! Love By Chance 2 going to be 12 episodes each about 50 minutes. I don’t usually note the length of an episode, but lately, we’ve been watching a lot of shows with 15-20 minute episodes. I’m looking forward to a full series. We’re close enough to know and this is BIG news, apparently, it’s being picked up by VIKI!!! Man, how much do you love it when the mainstream streaming channels pick up a BL series? Doesn’t it kind of make you feel more legitimate? It’s a suuuuper smart move on their part though, these shows are hugely popular, episodes getting over a million views just days after they’re put up on Youtube. It was only a matter of time before the bigger carriers caught on (kind of like BL itself).

And finally, we’re close enough that we get a teaser! Are you ready for this? (Can I say it’s really weird that Studio Wabi Sabi didn’t put this out? Unless they jumped companies. Ooooh, that would be interesting.)

Okay, so what did we think? Earth looked good! I hope he got some therapy once he went back to France, that poor little egg has been through so much, I like the idea of him getting back some of his own….even if his own is his brother. 😉

The main focus of Love By Chance 2 is TinCan which is to be expected, even encouraged. To you though, don’t they seem to be rehashing a bit? The confession, Tin wanting to date can, Can rejecting? The sad shower scene? Let me just say this, these dramas need to learn a thing or two from Kdrama. If you’re going to have an angsty shower scene, one must be shirtless. Look it up. It’s a thing. I love that Can continues to calm down a bit, the first half of Love By Chance he drove me crazy with his over the top nature (or acting). He’s still over the top here but in a more manageable way.

New couples! I didn’t see that coming! I’m happy to though!

Less Techno and the high school rapist than I had anticipated. Which is good, I am NOT looking forward to that storyline. Consent is a thing. Consent is sexy. Having sex with someone who is passed out drunk and tricking them into a relationship afterward is not sexy/cool/or even a little bit romantic. In this way, BL has such a long way to go. I’m glad they kept the original casting of Techno here instead of the guy they had cast as the character (same world different actors) in TharnType. I find this guy, for this portion of the story, much more believable.

Finally. WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO AE???? He’s alone. He’s being beaten up, he’s sobbing and alone. Can literally pulls out as a reason not to get together with Tin is he doesn’t want to end up all sad like Ae. They do something to this couple and I am not happy. It’s going to be hard enough watching while knowing what I know (or don’t know) about what happened behind the scenes and then they go and do this? (Whatever it is.) Its really going to be hard to stay in the story with this one.

September 2nd is so close! My BL and Bubbles partner will almost be back! With all that we’re watching in August, all the shows that started this month and next, we’re going to have to be really particular about what we pick up now and what we hold off for the next BL lull. I know though, with as much we both love the first season, there’s no way we’re going to be able to put Love By Chance 2 on the backburner.

So I guess we’ll see you in September!

Are you excited? How do you feel about the plots they showed in the teaser?


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