Khottie of the Week: A.C.E’s Comeback

Posted by Stephanie on August 25, 2020

Khottie of the Week

A.C.E Comeback - Butterfly Phantasy

Khottie is partially to blame. Like, really to blame. Somehow, in the blink of an eye, I’ve become attached to A.C.E. They’ve slid into my dms if you will. I blame these Khottie posts, I blame SaraG and Leila, and I really, really, really blame A.C.E’s comeback photos.  All of them. It’s like the Bermuda triangle of rabbit holes. I didn’t stand a chance. And I think when you see these photos? You’re going to fall too.

Don’t even attempt to hold back.

*Yes, this post is very late. Not my fault! I had all my pictures and text ready to go but the hosting company spazzed out and wouldn’t let me in to post it. Probably couldn’t handle this amount of hot.

There are so many. A.C.E Comeback - WOW

And all of them are beautiful. Like crazy amazing.A.C.E Comeback - Donghun

This is going to be a huge post. I can’t help it.

A.C.E Comeback - Byeongkwan

There were several concepts and each concept had group shots.

Almost a week’s worth of images. It was hard to keep up.

We were on the edges of our seats every day. New A.C.E is up!

Did you see the new A.C.E? Oh, I’d seen them. I’d swooned over them.



Each one. I don’t know if I’ve seen a group come out with so many before.

But it makes sense. I mean. They have plenty of time on their hands.

Its a company with one group. I’m guessing they’re like, what do you wanna do today?


Put on some amazing clothes and have your picture taken?

Sure, why not? We’re especially pretty right now.

Do you mind if you’re shirtless a lot?

Will it be artful?

Of course.

Sure, why not? We’re especially fit right now.

Guys. These costumes are amazing.

Sure, the boys are incredibly beautiful, that’s to be expected.

But the use of hanbok pieces.

The styling with the red tassles? Its stuuuning.

The use of the classic with the concert tees and ripped jeans?

Man, whoever the stylist is for this comeback should get a raise.


A big one. I’ve never really been struck so hard by a comeback.

Usually it’s, hey that’s real pretty. And then move on.

(Please tell me you get America’s Next Top Model feels from this!!!) 

I’m embarrassed to say, I’m obsessed with this.

I can’t stop thinking about it… inspecting each photo.

Is that a hint of belly!

Oh wait! None of them are wearing shirts here.

I even changed my home screen to this.

I look at these photos and just swoon.

The album or concept is called Butterfly Phantasy. Totally fits.

I am def going to be preordering A.C.E’s comeback album.

I NEED to have a poster of this in the Kpop Closet. Plus.

Did you miss the point where I’m obsessed?


This post is not nearly long enough to fit all of these pictures. But I’m NOT leaving any out. Feel free to enjoy the below gallery. I know I will.


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