COVID Comes After Kdrama

Posted by Stephanie on August 26, 2020


Kdramas effected by COVIDUnfortunately, COVID is back on the rise in Korea. And this time? Its really coming for the entertainment industry with several dramas and variety shows shutting down or pausing in order to take care of their staff and talent. This is going to effect currently airing shows and shows that are on deck.

Sorry, Zombie Detective.

It started with just a few. On the set of To All The Guys Who Loved Me, a supporting cast member felt ill and two days later, was tested and diagnosed with the infection. Production shut down until the rest of the cast could be tested. As it appears to have restarted, I’m guessing those tests came back negative, but what are they doing for that pesky percolation period?

From there the upcoming drama with Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, was shut down for safety, no word on why they pulled the plug on that one with the exception of it was for the safety of the cast and crew.

Unfortunately, that was just the start. It spans show types and networks. For variety shows, Running Man, Master of the House, Hometown Flex, and MNET Countdown (waaaahhhh this one hurts considering A.C.E has a comeback next week), have all been indefinitely postponed.

Kdramas effected by COVID include the above and Lee Joon Ki’s Flower of Evil, Missing: From The Other Side and Zombie Detective. Since Zombie Detective was on plate to begin airing after the end of To All The Guys Who Loved Me, we’re waiting for that show to continue to air and finish before this one can begin.

Even though this messes with a lot of schedules and is troubling from a societal perspective, I love that these production companies, production companies that historically have not treated their people the best are taking this seriously. Even if it’s not entirely altruistic, I’m sure not wanting to be the company who can be connected to a cluster, that’s some bad PR you can’t get around. Whatever the reason, they are taking this rise seriously which, while it doesn’t immediately help their bottom line, helps hold off what Korea fears, a second lockdown.

Sad your show is getting interrupted? Sounds like an awesome time to catch up on ALL those dramas you meant to watch if you had time. Or dive into classics! There are so many dramas out there to watch its mind-boggling.

What are you watching right now? Are you going to be affected by this?

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