Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Where Is My Brain?

Posted by SaraG on August 27, 2020


It is completely ridiculous, but I spent some serious time this week updating my bias list. Like, a literal list typed out and saved on my Google Drive. I admit that this list has existed for a while, but I usually don’t mess around with it until we have some game coming up or we’re getting ready for gift-giving season and everyone wants to know who your top twenty are so they can pick and choose for whatever craft or surprise they’re pulling together. It’s how we buy for so many people and still keep it personal. 

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, Kpop is kind of a soothing place to be right now, and picking and choosing who I love and listing them out is kind of like a brain break, a mini-vacation from reality. So in between long sessions of back to back virtual meetings and the phone constantly ringing, I fiddled with my list – adding, tacking away, figuring out how best to break it down to sublists, etc. It was incredibly enjoyable and eyeopening. My top five (consisting of nine artists) doesn’t actually change as much as you’d think it would, given how many idols I love and how often I add groups and soloists to the roster of those I obsess over. But there is movement. For instance, if one artist doesn’t write us love letters (i.e. put out content for us to enjoy)  and another that is equally as talented and wonderful does, my attention is likely to shift. I am not one to be left alone too long without some sort of attention. 

So while I still very much love Dean, Lee Jung Shin, and Jooyoung, I’m not looking at them as often because they aren’t giving me anything to look at. Instead, I’m distracted by Maddox, Byungchan, and Dvwn. They’re young, making a name for themselves, and pumping out the music and YouTube shows to ensure the flame is constantly nourished. My attention could always go back, but some work will have to be done to make it so. 

Dvwn is a singer, songwriter, and composer on KOZ (Zico’s label) who, prior to his official debut a couple of years ago, honed his craft on SoundCloud. Because of his obvious talent and skill, once he’d been snatched up, he jumped right into writing for other artists, collabing, and remastering or re-recording some of his original songs to be released. His baby face and gorgeous voice captured my attention right out of the gate and the Calcifer tattoo on his chest and the corgi on his hand (this man loves his dog) pretty much sealed the deal. His music is interesting without losing its listenability, witty without being a joke, and emotional without being moody. It lives in this sweet spot between being background music and requiring your full attention. 

I love it and I just might be in Kpop love with him. 

Last, Dvwn

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