Musical Monday – Go! Go! Boys

Posted by SaraG on August 31, 2020


Like every good fan, we all drop bank on concerts to show our appreciation of groups and experience not only the joy of being in the same room as the idols we love but also to, with any luck and really good seats, breath in just a little bit of the air they’ve exhaled. It’s all very romantic if you don’t think too much about how absolutely gross that is. The past seven months have put a full stop on concerts and though many are being rescheduled, I’m not sure when I will feel ready to attend them again. So many of the things I love to do have been canceled and I have to weigh and balance how I will bring them back into my life in an orderly and fiscally responsible fashion. While I was in a concert going frenzy before all of this, my urge to see everyone and anyone has waned a bit.

I first mentioned M.O.N.T. in September of last year and talked about how Stephanie was really getting interested in them right beside KpopontheDL and me. But after they announced a show in Colorado and then canceled because LA made more sense for them, I think some of our fire was doused. It’s not really their fault and the members themselves likely had nothing to do with the decision – hell, it was actually probably the right decision. But it still stung. But being always the realist, I’ve still been keeping an eye on them. I mean, if I’ve liked their stuff in the past, I don’t want to miss something I might truly love in the future. And hooooo, baby, I do love their new stuff. 

I’d noticed some obvious promotion shots popping up in their Insta account, but I didn’t see a date or any specific information I could glom onto so I wasn’t paying close attention. But one morning – August 24 to be exact – as I was laying on my couch working up the motivation to get my workout done, the MV for Moonlight popped into my YouTube feed. It’s a gorgeous, kind of old-timey number with no bells and whistles. Just a sweet melody with a brush and snare, some horns, and lovely vocals. I opened iTunes immediately and was devastated that it wasn’t available to stream yet. 

And it wasn’t available the next day or the next.  

Moonlight, M.O.N.T

And then, on August 27, another new M.O.N.T. video popped onto my phone, and the song was just as wonderful with its jazzy influence with a pop twist as Moonlight. I don’t love jazz, it’s not my things, but I love elements of jazz in my pop. It adds so much. Shadow, in all of its up-tempo perkiness, is a sad song. The MV perfectly shows the desperation we feel when we are in a dark place and we drink to feel better. We don’t really feel better even though we’re smiling like idiots. The kind of drunk feel to the song and the video are perfect for mood setting. It’s upbeat but it’s not happy. 

Also, both tracks were available to stream that morning. 


Shadow, M.O.N.T.


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  • Reply Stephanie August 31, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    THEY FORSOK US? …forsook? Um… they forsaked us! Tease. Of course hindsite it was best for them not to come but feelings are still there. I can’t say I super loved these songs but I didn’t dislike them, and I’ll keep watching them for the time being. I’m glad that they keep bopping along, trying new things.

    I think the next Tipsy Kpop Podcast we should both be wearing three piece suits, you know, class up the joint.

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