Battle of the Supernatural!

Posted by Stephanie on September 1, 2020


Zombie Detective We have two shows coming right down the pike (if they don’t get pushed back further due to COVID) that have a spooky supernatural bent. Makes sense right? Fall is when I’m ready for the supernatural? Halloween and such? Cold air and crisp leaves beneath your feet? Farm stands and apple picking? All that says bring on the horror for me! Luckily, Kdrama has heard and with Zombie Detective and Tail of the Nine-Tailed, we have some options to choose from! And how are we going to choose?

How about a look at some teasers??

Tail of the Nine-Tailed, brought to you by tvN, which means since its cable, you know it’s not afraid to be a little darker, maybe not OCN dark, but darker with more disturbing content than the regular networks. Starring Lee Dong Wook and KIM BUM, I’m pretty excited about this show. The supernatural in this show comes via the world of Gumhios, or the nine-tailed foxes who are out there, just looking for love… or your internal organs. Unfortunately, the network is taking the tease in teaser seriously and so far has only released a 15-second promo, though I’m sure that there will be more to come.

Okay, while they went via the way of just Lee Dong Wook wandering around looking hot, being pouty (I mean, really playing to his strengths) we don’t see a whole lot. It does appear to be dark, stylized, with really lush colors and some, yep, dead people. I guess it hits everything you’d expect from the gumhio world. Sex. Blood. Angst. Lee Dong Wook’s voice murmuring in your ear.

I give this teaser three pumpkin spice lattes.


Let’s move onto Zombie Detective which, I think is no surprise, the one I’m crazy excited for. It’s entirely possible it’s only because of the title, Zombie Detective. Straight forward and yet hilarious. Makes you want to go “wuuuhhhht? This I have to see”. Which is great marketing for the show… I can imagine the elevator pitch.

You’re writing a screenplay, what’s it called? 
Zombie Detective. 
Oh…. what’s it about? 
(Queue dur face) A zombie detective? 

For that alone, I’m in for this show. Unfortunately, this is the one that has been hit by current events, the airing show which came before it has been put on hold due to COVID on set which has pushed Zombie Detective back. To which I say to make myself feel better (besides ah good, they’re being careful) 1) it gives them more prep time, more time to film if this is not all pre-produced and 2) puts it even closer to Halloween! Win, right?

We’re in luck with this one as we’ve been given almost a whole minute-long teaser! One might say this is actually full-on trailer worthy. I haven’t watched this one yet as I’m writing this (I made myself wait), so I’m really excited to take a look.

Okay! So this is like the origin story. Sets up how the detective became a zombie, he appears to be the first but it spreads from there (oooh do you think he keeps biting people and infecting them?) He’s trying to get a hold of himself, figure out how he got this way and trying to find out if there’s a way to get back to who he was before. There appear to be other zombies, who are more what we’d think of in a zombie movie, so it’s interesting, if he’s the first, how is he more lucid and less nom-nom on innards than the others?

I was afraid I recognized the actress as someone  I don’t care for an instantly looked it up as that would really spoil my anticipation for this but turns out, no, her name is Park Joo Hyun, she is an actress who really has only been around for 2019/2020 but has instantly jumped to main rolls, Netflix’s Extracurricular, Zombie Detective and 2021’s Mouse. Huh, this will be interesting to see.

While there were those other zombies in there, this teaser wasn’t super dark and scary, like I said, primarily setting up the story. But it was English subbed so that was nice. I didn’t come out of it feeling as much “oooooh that looks sexy, scary, and awesome” as Tail of Nine-Tailed, but this was long-form, and it’s hard to keep that up for so long. While realistically, I’m more excited/more apt to watch this one, I’m going to have to give the teaser 2.5 pumpkin spice lattes.


Which one do you think you’ll watch?



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