Khottie of the Week: Chan of A.C.E

Posted by Stephanie on September 6, 2020

Khottie of the Week

A.C.E ChanI know. I said last week we were done with A.C.E as, technically, at 22, Chan isn’t old enough to be a Khottie. But, as SaraG kindly pointed out, we’ve waived the restriction before in case of a theme and isn’t doing every single member of a band as a project, technically a theme and thereby he’d fall under the age amendment? After thinking about it and considering my completist personality, I’m super happy to announce this week’s Khottie is Chan of A.C.E!

A.C.E Chan 2However, we’re NOT going to talk about him being hot. A.C.E Chan 3

It’s our workaround.A.C.E Chan

I don’t make the rules.

I just follow them.

Well, technically I do make the rules, but lets not mention that.

So, we’re not going to be looking at the naughty maknae that way.


We’re going to talk about how talented he is. A.C.E Chan

How much his members love him.

How hot he looks in a lip ring.


Wait! No! I mean, ignore that.

Ignore the lip ring.


You should probably ignore this gif too.

Annnnd this one.

What is this guy doing to us? A.C.E Chan

Lets focus back on his accomplishments, that’s probably better.

He is a vocalist in A.C.E.

But he also made it to the group UNB. UNB Chan

So he was away from A.C.E for a while.

I’m sure they missed him.


We’re trying to behave.

Accomplishments. Back to accomplishments.

He’s currently trying his hands at acting.

This year he was in the webdrama Twenty Twenty.

Again, I think his band mates were glad to have him back.

A.C.E strikes me as a band who would miss each other when someone is away.

Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

Anyway, this has been our last member! Chan of A.C.E!

The not hot maknae.


I hope you enjoyed the A.C.E  series as much as I did! I’m happy to say, despite how we started, I now think I am actually knowledgable about the group and its members!


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