Musical Monday – There Is An ‘S’ For A reason

Posted by SaraG on September 7, 2020


It seems like we’re always counting down for one comeback or another. Some groups do these long drawn out processes months in advance with lots of pauses between teasers while others give you very little notice and only pop a pic or two up before the album teaser and then the release. My preferred comeback style includes a detailed calendar with what we’re going to get, when we’re going to get it, and for it to last no more than about a month before the actual first stage and album release. I am a consistent and supportive fan, but too far out and I lose my focus on the prize, not enough time and I haven’t built it into my schedule or financial budget. 

I don’t know how they had the money – maybe the profit from the last go-round was pretty decent – but A.C.E. did it perfectly this time. Stephanie did a post for the site just under two weeks ago sharing the multitude of pics and teasers we got on a daily basis – from individual to group shots, stills to moving pieces of art. Over less than a month, they showed us the world they had built around the album and gave us a solid taste of what we could expect from the MV without giving away too much. I knew the colors, textures, and feel of the whole thing but I was still left wondering – even after the album highlights – what the actual songs would be like.

And let me assure you, they didn’t disappoint. A.C.E.’s comeback EP moves from powerful dance-pop for the first two tracks, to the sexy song Baby Tonight, to their love song for Choice Stand by You, and ends with a track, Clover, written by Jun and Wow. It has the perfect flow from hard-hitting to soft cuddles and covers the gamut of genres we’re used to from this particular group. Long story short, it’s fab. 

The title track, Goblin (Favorite Boys), is reminiscent of their last couple of title tracks. It’s imminently danceable with complex choreo and heavy bass. A.C.E. are known for their dancing. And their vocals. And their styling. And ALL of these are spot-on for the MV and the comeback stages. I have a strong affinity for historical pieces mixed with contemporary styling, I love crazy saturated colors, and I adore peeks of skin, and spot-on eye makeup. Check, check, check, and check. 

I have zero complaints – and frankly, almost any of the songs on the EP could have been the title track. Good job boys, this is exactly why you’re some of my favorites. 

I can’t wait to get my paws on the physical album. 

Goblin (Favorite Boys), A.C.E.


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  • Reply Stephanie September 7, 2020 at 5:41 pm

    It has been SO much fun experiencing waiting for this comeback while at the same time falling down the A.C.E rabbit hole. It was a perfect storm of fandom.

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