Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Foundation Building

Posted by SaraG on September 10, 2020



School started for our household this week and while virtual, the kiddos are falling into something of a routine less reliant on YouTube videos about historical fashion for Thing One and video games for Thing Two. It’s nice to see and it’s good for them to start getting even a taste of something somewhat normal. Normal is good. Normal feels comforting and comfortable. And normal for me includes getting to see friends and watch Kpop. While I’m not yet ready for full on Friday nights with more than a couple of folks at my house and while we’re still reliant on distancing outside rather than being huddled on my giant basement couch, I’m getting to stretch my extrovert wings more and more.

This past weekend, Stephanie and Tinkerfrost came back over for drinks, more schwag sharing, and music video watching. We didn’t have a plan around what we wanted to watch this time, rather we kind of let the evening and conversation guide us. We dabbled in some old school BTS solo songs (totally hold up) and rewatched a few Nu’est tunes because when YouTube says Nu’est is next, you say yes. But the highlight of the night, the bit that really warmed my heart and brought all three of us joy, was that we shared Big Bang with Tinkerfrost – the highest of highs and the ugly bits – and it was perfect. Their music is still absolutely wonderful, their videos are still captivating and shockingly relevant. You can see clearly see how their work and their path have influenced and informed the groups we follow now. They are truly one of the groups that have brought us all where we are today. 

This was required viewing for Tinkerfrost and really validating for Stephanie and me in that the pleasure we took in these artists was perfectly placed and completely appropriate.

In honor of an absolutely delightful evening and a short moment in Kpop history that will forever shape the experience of many fans and idols, I’d like to just relive some of that greatness with you all. Please enjoy one of my very favorite Big Bang songs performed in Singapore in 2015, If You. 

I’m willing to bet you that you’ll suddenly have an urge to watch all of the classics before the song ends.

If You, Big Bang



  • Reply Stephanie September 10, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    This really was one of the best nights! To be excited to share what I love and to remember what I’d forgotten I loved. Through the share of the past its actually invigorated my love of kpop to an almost frantic level. While there is no way to recreate what happened, man, I wish I could.

  • Reply Tinkerfrost September 16, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    It was such a good night. I loved learning about BIGBANG. Watching you both get so excited made me so happy. I’m glad I get to be a part of this world.

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