Episode 249: Kdramas to Watch Kdramas to Come

Posted by Stephanie on September 11, 2020


Kdrama podcastAre you watching Kdrama? Yes? Me too! Let’s talk about them, and have a podcast! While we’re at it, why don’t we talk about the kdramas coming in September? Sounds like a good plan to me!

In this episode, we’re talking Ghost Bride the audiobook, Twenty-Twenty, Stephanie’s new Kpop fervor, Hello Stranger, and Mystic Pop Up Bar!

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Song of the Day

Taemin, Criminal


Listener Question

If you have a listener question you’d like to ask us, be it drama related, casting, recommendations, really anything you can think of, please let us know. We can be reached via our website contact form.

Dramas Mentioned

Ghost Bride
Mystic Pop Up Bar
Twenty Twenty
Nu’est Lab
Hello Stranger
Love Revolution
Lie After Lie
A Man in a Veil
Record of Youth
Zombie Detective
Oh! Samkwang Villa
More Than Friends
The School Nurse Files
Train to Busan
Weightlifting Fairy
18 Again
Private Lives
Flower Boy Next Door
Operation Proposal
Answer Me 1988

People Mentioned

Agust D
Suga (BTS)
Taeyang (BigBang)
Tablo (Epik High)
Chan (A.C.E)
Minhyun (Nu’est)
Aaron (Nu’est)
Ren (Nu’est)
Park Bo Gum
Jung Yu Mi
Nam Joo Hyuk
Bomin (Golden Child)
Go Kyung Pyo


Shows Coming in September

Stephanie should apologize for the following:
  • Listeners, again, for the lack of microphone. Hopefully, in the move she’ll find where she stashed it ‘safely’. She’d just buy a new one but those suckers are not cheap! (Which makes you ask, “why didn’t she take better care of it?” To which she says, “HEY! I put the mic in a super safe place where I wouldn’t lose it. I’m sure its still there!”)
  • Kdramas. It’s not like she doesn’t love you, she’s just not “in” love with you. You’ve kind of been replaced by your hot friend, Kpop. 
  • Her weekends. She’s sorry she forsook you with this podcast project, but you know how she gets when she’s mid-project. But the reformatting project is over! Missing episodes have been replaced! SEO has been SEOed. She promises to do nothing next weekend. Except… there’s that one more project she wants to do….
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 


  • Reply Humbledaisy September 15, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    Hey, can you do a podcast about secrets of kpop? As in label changes, hints of collabs and bands breaking up? You mentioned something disappointing happening to Villain (from Planetarium Records?) a few weeks ago and that is a news item I can’t find anywhere! I don’t want too much hot goss but if I should be supporting idols, I want to know. Byeeee!

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