Coffee Prince: Revisited

Posted by Stephanie on September 15, 2020


Coffee PrinceAs kdrama fans, you have all seen Coffee Prince. Or, you should have all seen Coffee Prince as its one of those shows which became an instant classic. (Seriously, if you’re a kdrama fan and you HAVEN’T seen it? What are you doing here? Go watch and come back. Its like a fandom responsibility at this point, one we take very seriously.) Who doesn’t remember the scene where he proclaims his love, not caring if she were a man, woman, or alien? Swoon. We will never forget that.

And in an upcoming documentary? The original cast shows how they can’t forget it either.

That’s right! MBC announced they are going to be putting out a documentary of Coffee Prince where the cast goes back to the coffee shop and chat about their memories of the show. Raise your hands if you’re super excited for this! (Seriously, all of your hands had better be raised out there!)

Its going to be interesting to see where this goes. I don’t know about you, but I always default thinking of these actors as these original roles. Who else still calls Kim Jae Wook “Waffle Guy”?

I actually picked this show up originally because I was in the grips of a Lee Sun Gyun love (Coming right off the movie Romantic Island.) While it was hard stomaching him as a b-lead. I enjoyed the complex character he played. And when he sings the Tearliner song? To this day I’ll swoon when I think of that. Here’s a video of them filming the scene.

Gah, who else saw that and was like…he was so young!

The OST for this drama is awesome and actually still lists among one of my top 5. (Right up there with Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Me Too, Flower!)

I think it’s pretty clear I’m really excited about this and I think that Coffee Prince was popular enough here that we’ll be able to get a subbed version of it, fingers crossed. I just really love the idea of the people who created a show which means so much to drama watchers are getting back together and I super love the idea of getting any behind the scenes tidbits.

Here’s a teaser for the documentary

And now I have a huge hankering to rewatch…. uhoh.

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