Khottie of the Week: Yeo One of Pentagon

Posted by Stephanie on September 19, 2020

Khottie of the Week

After weeks and weeks of khotties laid out before me during my A.C.E rabbit hole, it was hard to choose who we were going to focus on next. Bringing it up to our previous Khottie cataloger, Alix, she mentioned she thought Yeo One of Pentagon had had a birthday, thereby making him Khottie eligible. A quick google search later, she’s right! ‘Sup, Yeo One of Pentagon, you ready to be a Khottie?

I vaguely remember my Kpop School lessons where SaraG taught me the finer points of all the members.

Yeo One of Pentagon

He was one of them, I remember that. I don’t remember much else.

Yeo One of Pentagon

Except I do love the sound of his name rolling off the tongue. Yeo One.

Yeo One of Pentagon

Looking at pictures, he’s like the perfect boy next door.

Yeo One of Pentagon

The perfect boy next door where you have the perfect boy next door relationship with.

You grow up together, and he’s just Yeo One.

Cute, but more your playmate.

Your friends swoon over him, but when you look at him…

You just don’t get it.

But then there’s that day where you see him out of the corner of your eye and are like…


Who is that?

Then realize, holy shit that’s Yeo One.

When did he get hot?

How did you not notice?

Then that’s all you notice.

Disappeared is your best friend and instead is the elusive daydream.

Even worse? He starts hanging around with super hot friends.

Yeo One of Pentagon

Friends who just come over all the time being all hot and cool.

Yeo One of Pentagon

It’s irritating.

All of your friends want to spend time at your house…

Yeo One and Jinho of Pentagon

In an attempt to witness what’s going on next door.


Even worse?

Yeo One doesn’t even seem to realize how hot he got and still treats you like the best friend.

Yeo One of Pentagon

Not realizing your relationship has changed.

Dumb dumb.

Yeo One of Pentagon

Dumb, hot, dumb-dumb.

Yeo One of Pentagon

Happy Belated Birthday to our best boy next door, Yeo One of Pentagon!

Love Pentagon, check out their official Instagram! cube_ptg and Pentagon Official

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