Musical Monday – It’s Really Not That Bad

Posted by SaraG on September 21, 2020


Clearly, there were no bad ideas in the creation of this subunit and their music. I don’t even have anything quippy to say about it and how it relates to something going on in my life. But I feel compelled to make sure everyone has taken a listen. It’s just really well executed and pretty darned hot. Thank you Moonbin and Sanha for your hard work during these difficult times – you made 2020 just a little bit better. 

For those of you that might not be up to speed on these two delightfully earnest and talented idols, they are the main dancer/lead vocalist and the maknae respectively for the group Astro. Astro has been around since 2016 on Fantiago and as I’ve mentioned previously, they aren’t a group that I necessary cling two with the grabby hands of one completely obsessed. However, I do have to say that since my foray into learning them a couple of years ago, I’ve grown quite fond. I’ve been chosen by a bias (Sanha – come on, he’s amazing) and really gotten to know the ins and outs of their origin story, their YouTube content, and the relationships between the members. 

And I gotta say, the interactions and chemistry between Moonbin and Sanha are to die for. They are 100% aware that the teasing and skinship keep the fandom titillated, but it never feels forced. What goes on between them feels completely natural and fun and like they’re just letting us in on the party they have going on all the time. And this chemistry really does translate to their wee subunit of two. 

The pair released a five-song EP IN-OUT this month with the disco-flavored title track Bad Idea. I don’t typically prefer disco, just not my genre of choice, but this is faaaaaabulous. Not only is the video full of sweaters with cutouts, leather, and some crazy plot I can’t quite figure out, but the song itself has a delightful dark undertone behind the guitar upstroke that gives it a pretty enjoyable edge. Also, all of that skin in the MV has translated very nicely to the live stages during promotions. 

Bad Idea, Moonbin & Sanha (Astro Sub Unit)

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  • Reply Stephanie September 21, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    I’d love to pay attention to the song, but I can’t stop staring at the the blond bangs and black hair…

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