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Posted by Stephanie on September 22, 2020

Casting News

Daebak Real EstateI want to say I’m excited over the potential casting of this upcoming drama, but that would be a lie. Really? I just love the title. DAEBAK Real Estate. Number 1) it rolls off the tongue… Daebak Real Estate Number 2) The idea that someone would name their real estate agency the Awesome Real Estate just tickles me. Can you imagine looking for a listing for your new agent, and going, “Daebak! Awesome Real Estate is the one!”

It’s the little things people.

There are other things that do make you stop and go…maybe to this new drama. Let’s go firstly go back to the potential casting of it. While this isn’t firm, both actors are “considering”, Jang Nara and Jung Yonghwa are both solid enough to make you not say no right off the bat. As a matter of fact, the idea of Yonghwa finally coming back to dramas after getting out of the military (hasn’t he been out for a while now?) actually is a big tick in the pro column for me. While I haven’t always loved his dramas, we all have a soft spot for him. Since I can’t imagine we’re going to be getting anything else from his group, CNBlue, we’ll take anything we can get from the remaining members. While I’m excited about the idea of Yonghwa coming back, I could actually see this being able to be pulled off by a lot of different actors so if he takes a pass on it, I’m not going to rule it out.

Besides the name Daebak Real Estate, besides the potential casting of Yonghwa, it’s really the premise that made me stop and take notice when I was reading about it. Essentially, this revolves around a real estate agency that deals in houses with murders or ghosts. I’m guessing a little ghostbusting, a little open house, then a little post-signing romance. The lead female is the boss of the agency, all bossy and hot-tempered, which we know Jang Nara plays well. If he signs Yonghwa would play a con artist who, while he doesn’t believe in ghosts, uses them to con people. I’m thinking like our usual fake shaman. Which has the potential to be pretty funny? He gets tangled up with the ladies agency, I’m sure comes around to the idea ghosts are, in fact, real, and hops on board. Add onto that a dead mom secret and you’ve got yourself a kdrama!

While I wish this show were coming up soon, it seems like it would be a fun Halloween drama, since we’re still just at the ‘considering’ casting stage, it’s not going to be for a long, long time that we’ll actually be consuming this. Or deciding to consume this.

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