Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Best Laid Plans

Posted by SaraG on September 24, 2020


Speaking of groups – because I was speaking of groups on Monday – that didn’t catch me on the first go-round but have completely won me over as a solid presence in my musical life, let’s chat about SF9. Or specifically about SF9 biases. Over the course of the summer, Alix was working diligently to see if Stephanie had any chemistry with this nine-member group and trying to coax her into the Fantasy life. Knowing that I’ve spent time with them, getting to know the members passibly well over the years in support of her love, she recruited me to the game.

By recruited me, I mean she started dropping tons of pics into our three-way chat, quizzing Stephanie on the members, and finally only targeting the one member that Stephanie was interested in and knew on sight – Rowoon. There were DOZENS of Rowoon pics flying across the screen over the course of several weeks and I, as a supportive friend, looked at and commented on every single one of them. I’m just that kind of girl.

Now, despite having been familiar with this group since their debut, learning the members in 2017, and touching them at KCon, I had never been chosen by a specific member. I didn’t have a bias – someone to focus on when they perform or a reason to obsessively watch the stuff they pop on YouTube. It’s ok, I mean, I don’t need a bias in every group and after trying on a few in SF9, I’d just accepted that maybe it just wouldn’t happen. That’s fine. It’s not like I don’t have an exorbitant amount of love being spread almost painfully thin over countless members in countless groups. 

But you see, the problem with the level of secondary exposure I was subjected to as part of Alix’s quest for Stephanie was that I WAS EXPOSED TO ROWOON ON A DAILY BASIS FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. I think I accidentally fell a little bit in love. 


9 To 5, SF9 (Sugarman appearance Feb 2020)


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