Khottie of the Week: Seventeen’s Wonwoo!

Posted by Stephanie on September 27, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Wonwoo of Seventeen

After last week’s khottie debacle, ie, repeating a khottie I’d actually done myself? I hit the spreadsheets and checked out Alix’s handy-dandy Coming Attractions, the Khottie post she does at the beginning of the year, listing everyone who was becoming khottie eligible that year. This time? I did it right. This time, we’re going to dole out the crown to someone who actually hasn’t been one before. Who is it? Drumroll…. Seventeen’s Wonwoo!



Wonwoo of Seventeen

Funny Wonwoo story.

Wonwoo of Seventeen

When I first started being aware of Seventeen, it was surmised that he was my bias.

And maybe he was? Wonwoo of Seventeen

I remember always going “Hey, that guy is pretty.”

And it was always Wonwoo.

Wonwoo of Seventeen

Therefore it was decided Wonwoo was my bias.

However, when I became an official fan.

Wonwoo of Seventeen

When I went through Kpop School…

Wonwoo of Seventeen

And got to learn all the members…

Wonwoo of Seventeen

I can never pick him out!

Wonwoo of Seventeen

I see the face, can’t place the name…

And then go…well that must be Wonwoo!

Sorry about that Wonwoo!

You deserve better.

My first Seventeen bias deserves better.

As I know a lot of people love you.

A lot of people truly bias you.

As you are pretty.

Not only pretty, but you’re dreamy.

Totally bias worthy.

Especially considering how often you wear these cute glasses.

Wonwoo of Seventeen

Anyway, here’s to the crowning of a most deserving addition to the Khottie crew, Seventeen’s Wonwoo!


Instagram: Saythename_17
Youtube: Seventeen


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