Musical Monday – And They’ll Serve No Time For It

Posted by SaraG on September 28, 2020


I like to imagine a couple of young, hip, and not so powerful employees, some experienced but kind of out of touch executives, maybe one or two group members, and a single English speaker gathered in a company conference room to discuss the concept for the next big comeback. The young ones lay out all sorts of cool ideas and the execs either disregard them or water them down to the point of being slightly confusing for the international fan base. It’s all in an attempt to be non-offensive but still middle-aged edgy. The English speaker raises her hand to interject, “yes, that is a word. However, we don’t use it like that…” But alas, she is ignored. Again. 

Technically, ‘stealer’ is a perfectly good word. It’s completely valid in both physical and digital dictionaries. But at least in my experience, it is a bit out of favor as compared to it’s synonyms like burglar or robber or even larcenist. Those are all words I, and those around me, all use. 

But you wanna know what? I just don’t care. This song, this comeback, this styling, and this everything is so good I’m going to start using stealer as part of my vernacular. Thanks, The Boyz,  you’ve helped me to grow.

After their success on Road to Kingdom, with their complex choreo and intricate storytelling, you might have thought that they’d go a little more straight forward for this comeback. You might have thought that they’d take a bit of a rest and maybe come out with a nice fall ballad. If that was the direction you were leaning, then you don’t know The Boyz at all. This comeback – from the title track to the B side – is hard-hitting, crazy interesting, and full of intense amounts of sex appeal. There isn’t a single member or moment that makes me furrow my brow in displeasure. 

If you’ve been sitting on The Boyz because their name might indicate young and fluffy, NOW is the exact comeback where you should suck it up and take a listen. I think you’ll be delightfully surprised. And once you accidentally fall in love with them in the present, take a look at that back catalog – It’s just as amazing. 

The Stealer, The Boyz


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    What can I say? I’m just a stealer….of hearts!

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