Ten Things Getting Me Through The Pandemic

Posted by Stephanie on September 29, 2020


Top Ten

We all know its been a hard time, we all know its been too long since we’ve been stuck in our houses but we also know its the right thing to do. While stuck inside we all have our coping mechanisms, those things that are getting us through the hard times. As I’m a creature of habit, I’ve found that there are some things I’ve glaumed onto during this weird period of my life. Some of these things I did before, some are new obsessions. All I have yet to be able to let go of.

Here’s a list of the Top Ten Things Getting Me Through The Pandemic

Ash Island – I watched a Dingo Killingverse video right before quarantine started, a series where artists go and, well, killing their popular songs. Its a great series, you should check it out. In the back of my head I realized how many of his songs I liked. Somehow, during isolation? I’d listen to his songs on a loop. His new one, Error, was an instant add to my accumulating top 50 songs of the year list. Now whenever I drive for any amount of time, I roll down my windows and put on an Ash Island playlist. There is just something about his voice and his music that really gets me in the you know where… heart you pervy jerk. Although let me tell you, I was sorry to realize he was only 21 otherwise he’d definitely hit the Khottie list!

Trixie Mattel – Okay this is my first cheat but I can’t help it. I was introduced to Trixie almost at the beginning of quarantine and I’ve been hooked. Hooked to the point there I might have an issue? I’ve watched her and Katya’s Youtube show Uhhhhhhh!, the videos from her Trixie Cosmetics channel, and her documentary on Neflix, Moving Parts, so many times. Like so many times. An I’m not going to admit how many times amount of times. I just find her hilarious and interesting. I know I probably shouldn’t be picking up makeup tricks from a drag queen, but there it is. I especially love her Easy Bake Oven series and Trixie’s attempts to recreate her looks using various brands of drug store makeups.

Do Hanse – Mid pandemic, my first ever social distanced event, terrified to leave my house, terrified to meet with Alix and Sara even in a spaced out manner, but forcing myself to do so as life has to go on, they introduced me to Victon. I was interested and publicly declared that they would be the next group I learned and it would have been if it weren’t for a pesky group named A.C.E. Since then though. One of their members, introduced to me as the churchy one popped up on my Instagram feed and I’ve been fascinated with Do Hanse ever since. Not certain why I’m so hooked on him. Could be the tattoos, could be the lip ring, could be the pretty he has all over him, but there it is.



The message he put in this one sealed the deal for me. I don’t even know the group or the other members but Do Hanse will always have a place in my heart.


Movies and a Beat – Nope, not Korean. Movies and a Beat is a youtuber by the name of Kennie J.D. Essentially, I watch her talk about bad movies while putting on her makeup. She’s funny, insightful and won’t hesitate to call out a dangerous trope. Also, I know I’ve literally sat there and watched her put her makeup on but by the time she’s at the end I’m “How did she do that?”

Funny, while Kennie does do these Movie and a Beat videos sometimes she’ll make kpop or kdrama references, and I believe in her other videos she’s talked about her adventures in South Korea. I know she also reviews Korean beauty products. Here’s a playlist of hers. Perhaps if she did this while chatting Kdrama I’d suck this up too!

Fanfic – While I was furloughed to 60% time during the pandemic (I’m back for now! Please keep eating at quick service restaurants!), for the most part my schedule has been just as jammed as before. One of the things I like to do while looking at pictures of my newest kpop obsessions is to plan my hypothetical fanfics I’d write “next weekend”. I have some great ones thought up. Its been too long since I’ve done any writing and I miss it! Unfortunately, the closest I’ve gotten is updating SaraG and my fanfic inspiration tumblr, My So Called Obsession with inspirations for ‘future fics’ I’m ‘planning to write’. Sigh. 

Kimchi and Rice – No lie guys. Its been weeks and my main weekly dinner time diet consists of these two types of kimchi and rice. You know what I’m talking about, spoonful of rice topped with Kimchi, shove it in your face while making noises of a kdrama character. Weeks and weeks. I keep waiting for the phase to pass and it hasn’t yet. Luckily, its also super cheap so I think I’m coming out the winner here. (Unlike the phase of no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies.)







Hydraulic Press Channel – I do not know why I’m SO obsessed with this. I can’t take my eyes away from it. Watching the press slowly and silently descend, wrecking everything in its path, there’s something calming, almost meditative about it. It might be weird but hey, if it keeps me happy and engaged, I’m in. Although…I’m not certain I could look away if I wanted to.



Tipsy Podcasting – This feature has been mostly driven by the lovely SaraG. Tipsy podcasting is the time where we can get together, wash those troubles away (or at least dampen them for a while) with some boozy libation and talk about our obsessive love of Kpop. We have fun choosing who we’d choose to learn next (Or who Sara would choose to teach me), and whatever topic we’re going to talk about too which inevitably ends up a second whole episode. This is way more relaxing than it should be and definitely more fun than I probably should be having. “My legs! They’re numb on the inside AND the outside!”

AllBlanc TV – If you followed along the Kpop inspired workout series I did during the pandemic, trying to keep back the pounds as I ate my feelings with no access to the gym, you’ll know I became a big fan of the Alblanc Youtube channel. They have some great videos you can do in your house while being aware that you 1) don’t have equipment and 2) live in an apartment with people downstairs. Plus, you know, shirtlessness in a workout video never hurt anyone… so long as  you actually do move while watching the video.


A.C.E – I’m not even certain how it happened. I didn’t just become an A.C.E fan, I got OBSESSED. I’m having trouble having the attention span for watching dramas, so instead I fill my time before bed just watching A.C.E videos. Music, compellations, Reaction Masters, Vlogs, anything I can get my hands on. I spent a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago, just looking up A.C.E pictures on Pinterest. Not even actively looking at them, just falling down the Pinterest rabbit-hole as one does. I. Can’t. Stop. I’m not even certain why I would want to. This band of loveable doofuses caught some part of that unraveling attention span and said, maybe you want to look over here. And you know what? They were right! Swoon. Thud. Fangirl expletive.


Honorable mention: BL and Bubbles with Alix! This gets honorable as, this is something we’ve been addicted to for over a year now, getting together and watching BL while drinking bubble tea. I’m so happy to report that 1) there are so many freaking shows going on right now we can’t even watch them all and 2) that even deep stay at home order, we managed to make it work with video chatting and a refusal to give up. This was definitely something I looked forward to every weekend and am glad to be able to do it now again in person! (We drag the tv outside!)


How about you? What are some of the things getting YOU through all this?


  • Reply humbledaisy September 30, 2020 at 12:52 am

    James (the one who generally wears a shirt) is my favorite AllBlanc guy. Call me crazy but working out shirtless does not do a thing for me. All I can think is, “I hope they wipe off that equipment afterwards!”

    I was making my own kimchi for a while but now, I’m buying it by the quart as a side order from my local Korean fried chicken place. Perhaps the pandemic has finally gotten to me . . .

    • Reply Stephanie September 30, 2020 at 9:29 pm

      My favorite is Ryu! While not often shirtless, he has that cute little smile that gets me through. I follow them all on Instagram now and am really thinking about buying an Alblanc hat!

      I’ve had to go to the office a couple of times and I drive right by HMart. Well, if I have to go in, I might as well take advantage of it!@ 😉

  • Reply Tinkerfrost September 30, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    Totally get the Hanse obsession. You can’t look away from him! Same with ACE. There are some many vids to watch that you might never see the all. Going to try though!
    I was on an edible cookie dough kick for a while. Now it’s perfecting fried rice and gluten free ramen. Add a side of Soju and random mixers!

    • Reply Stephanie September 30, 2020 at 9:31 pm

      YES! I can’t look away. So I don’t. Done! A.C.E swooon…. when I opened my copy of the new album I realized I think I have to admit to a problem 😀

      Oook edible cookie dough. I blame SaraG on the cookies I was making…by the tray full at the beginning of the pandemic. Her mom and the girls were making them and I’m like…sounds like a good plan. SO I did. Yeesh.

  • Reply SaraG October 1, 2020 at 4:38 pm

    Learning all the new groups, that’s what gets me through. Learning new trainees, debut groups, rookies, all the new things. Because if they trust in the world enough to make a go of it, I should trust in the world enough to know I’ll survive all of this. Plus, they’re all so wonderful.

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