The Spy Who Loved Me

Posted by Stephanie on September 30, 2020


I know I’m not the hugest fan of Yoo In Na out there, I know I usually hear she’s attached to something and go “Oh, sorry, I’m going to pass, it’s not you, its me.” And while giving the upcoming show, The Spy Who Loved Me, a passing glance, that’s exactly what I did. Not even the attachment of Eric could make me take a second look…. and then I took a second look.

Dang it, The Spy Who Loved Me looks good.

I’m pretty sure I can blame the crazy that is 2020 here. Nothing makes sense anymore. So it, in fact, makes perfect sense that I’d watch a teaser for this upcoming show and actually get drama tingles. I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME NOR THE PATIENCE FOR DRAMA TINGLES.

The drama centers around Yoo In Na who plays a wedding dress designer and her two secret agent huspands. For those of you wondering, married, divorced, married. No bigamy or accidental bigamy here. (Or at least unless there is some sort of plot twist.) Eric plays her first husband who is a secret agent in a long term undercover as a travel photographer. That’s actually a great cover! Travel all over the world to espionage, snap a few pics, technically you’re doing both. Apparently, she didn’t know about his undercover ways. I’m guessing a divorce happened due to all that exotic traveling he never took her on. Uncool, man. Uncool. Making a new start she marries another guy, who she also doesn’t know is a secret agent, they get mixed up in some shenanigans, I’m assuming she finds out, and ex-husband comes back to either save the day or bring the angst.

Possibly both.The Spy Who Loved Me - Eric

How is it that this woman married two secret agents? How does a normal person meet not one but two secret agents. Add on to that how does she lure them in and marry them both? I call hijinx. Or, perhaps her wedding shop is right next to the secret agent hideout? For some reason, I’m seeing the hideout having a coffee shop as a front and her wedding dress store next door. The secret agents can be hanging around, hiding behind newspapers in the coffee shop, while taking turns working the bar.

It’s possible I’ve put too much thought into this.

Anyway. There isn’t a ton in the first teaser and it wasn’t what really lured me into the show.

Though I really do love the idea of her attacking with those sheers, as I know those suckers are SHARP. I could really see her offing someone with those things easily.

The Spy Who Loved Me

The second teaser though, the one that’s moodier and focuses on the past relationship is what made me go, “Am I really thinking about watching this thing?”

Who is she going to end up with? I mean, I don’t even know the show but I know I’m already voting for Eric due to this teaser. Sorry current spy husband, perhaps you should have put out your own dreamy teaser. How can she end up with Eric if she’s married to this other guy? I see so much angst coming this way. I’m currently hoping for an accidental paperwork mixup and they’re actually still married, thereby invalidating her current marriage, or current husband turns out to be the bad guy. Although the main poster? Second husband. Who doesn’t put end game in the poster?

I really hate cheating so I am just hoping it doesn’t go that way otherwise, I’m out for real. As The Spy Who Loved Me doesn’t air until October 21st, we have a long time to fret about this before the show comes along.


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  • Reply humbledaisy September 30, 2020 at 10:46 pm

    Hoo, hoo, hoo – that second lead is no other than Mr. Big Ears himself, Im Joo Hwan. Count me in!

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