Throwback (Musical) Thursday – See Ya…

Posted by SaraG on October 1, 2020


I realized last week that it had been a real hot minute since I’ve given any attention to the more feminine side of Kpop. And that’s a damn crime because I’ve been listening to a fair amount of female soloists and girl groups. As hot as our boys have been doing this summer/fall, the ladies have been just as amazing. All this time in lockdown has done wonders for the music production side of the house if not the live and in-person side. 

Everglow is a six-member group on Yuehua Entertainment that debuted in spring of 2018 – so they have a couple of years under their belt. A few of the members participated in survival shows and got some pretty solid rankings before signing with and ultimately debuting with their agency. They came out of the gate strong, Yuehua having invested in well known and quality writers, and have won some music shows and ranked on the charts in their short time in the limelight. They even had a tour in the US – some of the shows selling out – planned for March of this year. We all know what happened to mess that up, so we’ll avoid the C word for now. 

The song Adios on their second album Hush got a crazy ton of views on YouTube and is really what pushed them into the forefront of the competitive girl group pack. I don’t know that they’ve done a song I haven’t liked. I can’t think of one – and frankly, I’m not in the mood to dig something like that up. I’d rather just bask in the happiness that is my love of these ladies. 

And to top it off? Member E:U cowrote their latest comeback title track La Di Da. That’s right friends, the ladies are just as crazy talented as the men we love and just as skilled behind the soundboard. I am very much looking forward to day two of KCon:TACT and the inclusion of Everglow next to the likes of A.C.E, ONF, and Woodz.

Adios, Everglow


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