Musical Monday – And Then, Outta Nowhere. Kind Of.

Posted by SaraG on October 5, 2020


Last week Stephanie did a post about the ten things that have been helping her through the Pandemic. I really, really liked this post. It’s not just the thoughtful and honest list she put in the post, though that’s pretty great, it’s the fact that it made me think about or at least made me want to carve out the time to think about what has been helping me through it all. Many of us are way beyond the idea of ‘self-care’ having any impact on how we’re feeling or functioning. Hydrating and washing your face every day just aren’t cutting it anymore. As Alix has said, both in very tense work meetings and in real life, we are all traumatized by an out of control world and we need to remember that our brains just simply aren’t working in the same way that they were a year ago. Things that helped us cope with the stressors of life then might not be the things that we need right now. 

We need to be more deliberate about how we are caring for ourselves and those around us, and just as important, we need to be more forgiving about what that might look like. Sometimes we need to lay in bed all day or eat comfort foods or drink a little too much (as long we are monitoring ourselves and not causing more problems). Sometimes we need to pick something to focus on and hone in on with all of our energy to distract ourselves from the state of existence. For me, that looks like exactly what you think it would look like. I run more on my treadmill to justify watching more dramas, I have a glass of wine most nights – even during the workweek when normally I’m more of a weekend binge drinker – and I learn new groups and fall in love. 

This past week I had conversations with various real-life loves about all of the new groups that have come out or are coming out this year and the sheer magnitude of potentially great music and awesome members to fawn over. We’ve listed out the groups we’re most interested in digging deeper into and why they are of interest to us individually. We’ve shared groups that we think others might be into and started the very early stages of prioritizing our line of attack – who to pay attention to first. 

One of the groups mentioned early and often was the freshly debuted GHOST9 on Maroo Entertainment. This nine-member group of idols that appeared first on MIX NINE and Produce X 101 came out of the gate on September 23 with the mini-album Door with the title track Think of Dawn. The build-up for the debut was thorough and tantalizing, it did exactly what it was supposed to do by teasing us and luring us in with all of that potential. Now that they’re here and their potential is turning into full actualization (the album is FANTASTIC), it’s time to get to know them and fall in love.

Or if you’re Alix, to fall in love and then get to know them. I say this because though there isn’t a ton of content out there yet – outside of those old survival shows I mentioned – basically, the moment we started weighing our options about who we each wanted to focus on first in a chat with KpopontheDL, Alix fell hard and fast for GHOST9. Like, we said that name and she was a goner. While the notion to take a look at the newbies and decide to learn some was deliberate, the act of falling instantly in love was pure magic. 

And you know what distracts from the bad things better than anything? 


We need all of the magic right now.

Think of Dawn, GHOST9

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