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Posted by SaraG on October 8, 2020


On Monday I wrote about one of the many groups we’re all going to be talking about in the coming months/years. GHOST9 are going to be a big one – I can feel it in my bones – so you might as well get on board now. But they aren’t the only ones. There are a whole bunch of groups to be paying attention to that are going to sit in that sweet spot of crazy good, lovable members, and consistent content creators. 

One of those that we’ve been paying attention to since their build-up in late 2019 but didn’t technically debut until February of this year is MCND. They’re the newest offering from TOP Media and one that KpopontheDL and Stephanie have been particularly interested in. From the moment of their pre-debut release Top Gang, they’ve been showing us just how great they intend to be. They are rap heavy, hip hop influenced, and sit in the sweet spot of the number of members that speaks directly to Stephanie’s soul. She feels happiest with a five-member group.

Bonus? They have a ton of YouTube content that will help in the learning process. We all love a good YouTube hole to fall down. 

Having watched some of the reality/variety type fare, I can vouch for the fact that the members check all of the boxes for the perfect boyfriend group. They’re smart, silly, willing to do whatever it takes to entertain us, close with each other, and rife with funny moments. As they debuted just before COVID started to heavily impact the entertainment industry, they got some experience in front of a live studio audience and were able to more readily show their charms and hone their skills in a way that some of the newer groups haven’t been able to. This will benefit them greatly when things start opening back up. I have a feeling that this is a group that is really going to shine when it comes to taking care of their fandom.

I do so love fantasy boyfriends that give us all the love. 

MCND is a keeper – I wouldn’t be surprised if you see them pop up on a Top Fifty list or two at the end of this year and probably in the years to come. 

Top Gang, MCND


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  • Reply Stephanie October 8, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    Funny I read this after spending part of the evening with Leila studying MCND. I can now pick them out! For the most part. If they move slow.

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