Khottie of the Week: Attack of the Pillow Lips!

Posted by Stephanie on October 11, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Due to my move last weekend, we missed Khottie! Did you miss it? I hope you did! For this week, I thought I’d bring in a theme post I’d been pondering for a while. A collection of something near and dear to me… pillow lips. You know what I’m talking about, lips so bountiful, so full-on pouty that they appear to be a pillow you could rest on. Very swoon-worthy. At least for me.

Here’s my list of the pillowiest pillow lips out there!

Byeongkwan – A.C.E I might be biased by this pair as I’m currently still wallowing in my A.C.E love bubble.

Pillow Lips - Byeongkwan A.C.E

DPR Live – Pillow top AND bottom lip? I could live on DPR Live’s lips.

Pillow Lips - DPR Live

Gikwang – Highlight – Top lip dwarfing the bottom? The rare reverse pillow?

Pillow Lips - Gikwan Highlight

Heochan – Victon – I just had to type in Heo and Pinterest was all “I know exactly what you’re looking for!”

Pillow Lips - Heochan Victon

Huijun – MCND – I might be biased as Leila and I are currently teaching ourselves the members of MCND, but look at these lips! And those eyes! Swoon!

Pillow Lips - Huijun MCND

Hyungwon – Monsta X – We are all crazy familiar with this particular pillow. Hyungwon has crazy distinctive lips.

Pillow Lips - Hyungwon Monsta X

Hyunjin – Stray Kids – Hyunjin’s face might be 80% lip and we’re totally cool with that.

Pillow Lips - Hyunjin Stray Kids

Jung Jinhyeong – Hellloooo there, that’s a nice pair! Extrapoints for the nosering and beauty mark.

Pillow Lips - Jung Jinhyeong

Lucas – NCT, WayV – What’s more distinctive his lips or eyes? Good thing we don’t have to choose!

Pillow Lips - Lucas NCT WayV

Mingi – ATEEZ – I can’t believe I almost forgot about Mingi! That would have been a shame.

Pillow Lips - Mingi ATEEZ

Rowoon – SF9 – Typhoon Rowoon in for the count!

Pillow Lips - Rowoon SF9

Sanha – Astro – Look at that pouty bottom!

Pillow Lips - Sanha Astro

Sunwoo – The Boyz – That gloss is the perfect shade to match that hair!

Pillow Lips - Sunwoo The Boyz

Taemin – No question Taemin had to be part of this list. And if you do question, let me know, I’ll meet you out back and we’ll take care of this like adults.

Pillow Lips - Taemin

Winwin – NCT WayV – Winwin! The pair of pillowlips that inspired the whole thing! It might have been my nickname for him. Now I just look and swoon.

Pillow Lips - Winwin NCT WayV

Wonho – Wonho of the perfect pucker!

Pillow Lips - Wonho

Mannnn, I do love some pillow lips! If you think I missed any, please let me know, I’m always on the look out and would be totally up for a part two. You know…. a pair? Heh.


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    3 of my favorites on one list. Total swoon!

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