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Posted by SaraG on October 12, 2020


The joy of having watched all of those heartbreaking and soul-crushing trainee and idol survival shows is that I got to know all of those trainees and idols. This fact alone makes the glut of new groups so much easier to incorporate into the fabric of my reality. There aren’t that many strangers in the mix and for this extrovert wooer, this is extremely important. 

Last week I talked about two groups that we in the Kchat Jjigae world are all planning to learn – this was not, by any stretch of the imagination, an exhaustive list. We are waaaaay more ambitious than that, we just need time and the natural separation from key comebacks to be able to devote the requisite attention to allow for the learning to happen. Meaning, if our true loves would give a minute to breathe, we could go about watching all of this new content. There is so much and WEi, the new six-member boy group on OUI Entertainment, is another powerhouse addition to the game and one that has KpopontheDL all in a tizzy about their potential. 

There isn’t a non-experienced member in the bunch with two having been on Produce 101 Season 2 (and one of those in JBJ and then debuting as a soloist), two having been on Produce X 101 with one making it to the final group, and two having been on Under 19 with one of them having debuted with 1the9. These members have all of the experiences under their belt to make a successful go of it and the already establish fanbase to ensure that even with COVID they’re not going to have an issue selling albums and booking appearances. 

All of their build-up was chock full of so much potential and they delivered a fantastic first song – written and produced at least in part by one Mr. Lee Ho Taek…AKA Hui from Pentagon. My one teeny tiny complaint that isn’t actually even a complaint at all is that just as GHOST9 sounds a bit like ATEEZ (a sound I adore so YAY for me), WEi is sounding very Nu’est. Again, YAY for me. I was so hoping that such a promising new group would bring with it a fresh sound. But, of course, we all know that debut albums are largely the best that money can buy, with companies throwing money at producers and writers and such to ensure they get their little hooks into our fangirls hearts and wallets. The second album is made of the songs they prepared for the first that didn’t get included, and the third is where we see who they really are. I am sooooo looking forward to their third. It’s probably going to kill me. 

Twilight, WEi

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