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Posted by Stephanie on October 13, 2020

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There are a series of actors who you keep your eye out for. Not just for the eye-candy, but due to actual, legit, acting ability. (Though if we could have eye-candy AND acting ability? Woah, stellar.) For me, if I were to count, Lee Je Hoon would be on my top five actor list, possibly even my top three. Actually, if I think if I really thought about it, he’d battle for the top space with Gong Yoo. Depending on the day, depending on the news, either could be on top. With the news of Lee Je Hoon possibly being signed onto the upcoming drama, Deluxe Taxi? I’m willing to put him as my number one.

Deluxe Taxi is based off a popular web tune of the same name and the synopsis, no lie, just make the series seem sexy:

Kim Do-Ki graduated from the Naval Academy and became an UDT (underwater demolition team) Official. His mother was murdered by a serial killer and his life changed afterwards.

Kim Do-Ki is now a deluxe taxi driver and works for Rainbow Taxi Company. The company is not just an ordinary taxi company. The company offers a special “revenge-call” service. If clients ask them to take revenge, Kim Do-Ki and his co-workers will perform the service.

Right? doesn’t that sound oohlala? Usually, I don’t love the darker/tighter dramas, especially not lately, but I think Lee Je Hoon is at his best in a darker drama. (Although I do love him in Just Friends.) My first drama of his, what put him on my radar was Signal, he was so good in that drama! Then his other big role which made me pay attention was Phantom Detective, a highly stylized noir movie where he played a man with ambiguous morals.

A revenge-seeking revenge artist cab driver? This sounds like it could be right in Lee Je Hoon’s wheelhouse.

I do wonder if the original webtoon is actually completed or not. Conversions of shows from web tunes are hugely popular and I think the most successful ones are from shows where the series itself is completed. Makes for less wonky endings or season twos which never come around (Hello Dokgo Rewind!)

Anyway, as we’re just in the offer stages of casting, it’s going to be a long, long time before we see this. Which, now that I think about it, might be good. If you give me more time I just might be in a mental place where I’m ready to watch more high tension shows. I’m not sure where we can put in our votes for casting, but I would totally stuff the box for Lee Je Hoon to join this show.

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