Live On: First Teaser!

Posted by Stephanie on October 14, 2020


I’m going to put aside my skepticism of Minhyun as a high school student and just be excited for the idea that we’re going to be able to see hours of Minhyun on screen in the upcoming drama of Live On. Ready?

Yay! Love On is coming and has its first teaser!

Funnily enough, Minhyun was one of the last members of Nu’est I attached to, however, once I did attach? I attached HARD. I find him beautiful and darling, which shouldn’t be a huge surprise as all of the members of Nu’est are beautiful and darling in their own way. So when I found out that he was signed onto a drama (even if it was a high school drama) I knew I’d be in for it, it was only a matter of waiting for it to premier.

Which, unfortunately, won’t be until November 17th so we still have over a month to wait. At least now though, we have a teaser to keep us company:

Okay, so it’s not much of a teaser, we don’t get a lot of information but we do get Minhyun being dreamy so what else is it that you want? Plot? Direction? Clues? So greedy. I can say that the show is due to be on Viki and here is what they list the synopsis as:


Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin) is the most popular girl in high school. Everybody wants to be her friend, and all of the boys dream of winning her heart. Although she is famously aloof, she is also a star on social media – with the whole school seemingly following her every post. But when a mysterious individual arrives online, she is caught off-guard. This person seems to know all of Baek Ho Rang’s deepest secrets, and is seemingly armed with all sorts of information about her that she’d rather was kept a secret forever!

Desperate for answers, she seeks out the help of Go Eun Taek (Hwang Min Hyun), the meticulous, right-minded head of the school’s broadcasting club. However, in order to gain his assistance, she discovers that she will have to become a regular club member – a fact that eventually brings her together with a group of students she never thought she’d consider friends.

Can she solve the mystery of the online poster? And could joining the club eventually lead to romance?

Can it eventually lead to romance? I’m no clairvoyant, but something tells me, the answer to this would be a yes. Or, I’m guessing most drama watching fans are going to stand up and say there better well be one or there will be rioting in the virtual streets.

The other thing I’m excited for that I just learned? A member of Victon, Choi Byeongchan is also going to be featured on the show. As I’ve been interested in Victon for a while and have them very high on the list of groups I want to learn so I feel like watching this show will give me a heads up on this life plan.

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