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Posted by SaraG on October 15, 2020


And it continues…there’s just so much going on right now. I have to do whatever I can to keep you all on track to loving everyone. I take this responsibility very seriously. 

Last Monday I talked about Alix and her driving need to consume all that is GHOST9 (she’s pretty much got the members down) and on Thursday was Stephanie and her appreciation for MCND (she’s created her YouTube watch list for this group in the hopes of learning and then teaching them to those of us interested in delving deeper) and just a few days ago I intro’d us to WEi and KpopontheDL’s curiosity about this new supergroup. I, sticking to my desire to physically absorb every iota of information on every small label struggling group out there, am focusing on UNVS. 

The five-member group originally debuted in Taiwan in 2016 – the first kpop group to make their debut in that particular country – and released two digital singles in a matter of months, performing live pretty extensively during their time on the island. In 2017, the group went back to Korea, changed up the members a bit, and went on to train for another two years before debuting in their home country. After signing with Chitwn Entertainment and participating in the SBS MTV reboot of Rookie King, the group released their single Timeless. 

And then COVID. Like, immediately COVID. They had to cancel their first showcase with an audience and reporters and resort to a live stream event. Their first stages on music shows were all done without fans and they’ve had to do their subsequent releases Soundtracks for the Lost & Broken: Give You Up and Sand Castle without the support of a thriving, in person and invested fandom. Like so many rookie groups, they can’t get a feel for how they are being received. There’s no immediate gratification without the screaming fans. And this is brutal – especially for an older group that’s had some experience overseas.

And when I say older, I mean age. The oldest member is a ‘91 and has already done his military service and the youngest is a ‘97. This is downright mature for Kpop – especially when compared to some of the other rookie groups debuting right now. 

Timeless, UNVS

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    Happy to see UNVS getting some love

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