Musical Monday – And They Return

Posted by SaraG on October 19, 2020



Too long and not that long ago, one of those very special souls we all love and cherish took a pause on his musical and variety career to do his duty as a Korean man. Loco, a snuggly, introverted rapper on AOMG, received military basic training and served at a local police station as a regular old officer directing traffic and accompanying old ladies across busy streets. It was kind of the most perfect placement of mandatory service I’ve ever seen – and I’m counting TOP teaching ceramics at a community center.

Good news? Time flew. Like crazy flew. Loco was discharged in September 2020 and got right to making music. Just this past week he released his first EP after his return, Some Time, which included the collab with Heize called Can’t Sleep. This song is a damned delight. 

The tune itself is a bit of a dreamy, nostalgic rap ballad with the MV really walking through Loco’s sleep study – made necessary because of love induced insomnia. Heize stars as his perhaps less in love partner and the object of his quirky waking dreams. She is, as always, flawless. In some ways, this is a bit of a different direction than we are used to from Loco – at least musically. But in all honesty, the storyline and feel are pretty consistent with his whole aesthetic with a Heize R&B twist. I gotta say, I’m super pleased. 

Welcome home, friend! We’re so excited to have you back. 

Can’t Sleep, Loco (ft. Heize)



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