D.O In Space?

Posted by Stephanie on October 20, 2020

Casting News

Or D.O Signs Onto Upcoming Movie

Wait. Isn’t he in the military? Heck yeah, he is! But this means the end is near! Okay, so January, so not that near but better than when he first went into the military. And apparently, he plans to come back swinging.

The news that he’s signed onto the upcoming movie The Moon, isn’t even that he’s thinking about it, he’s fully signed onto this movie. I love the idea that people think he’s such a good actor that they are seriously courting him four months before he’s released. (Math = he signed on earlier this month, he’s released in January and there had to have been talks and negotiations before he signed.) The fact that he’s also jumping right into acting rather than going back to EXO first is pretty telling too.

Though something tells me with this plot, he could probably do both.

The Moon is the story of two men, one, after an accident is left alone in space and the other man, played by Sol Kyung Gu is trying to figure out how to get him back to earth. This says to me, a lot of the action is going to be with the earth storyline with highlights of pressure, sadness, and fear from D.O’s character as he drifts alone in space.

Same set, only one actor after whoever goes to space with him meets their unfortunate ends? he’s going to be able to bang out his part. Win! Plus? This anger/angst muffin is going to bang this character out of the part.

When poking around for something to post on today, my attention was grabbed by this news as, since I watched the Challenger series on Netflix, I’ve been obsessively watching old Challenger documentaries. Plus, you probably heard me talk about it on the podcast, unless that was a tangent I cut out, one of my favorite movies when I was a kid? Space Camp. Did you see that movie? Please tell me if you have! Essentially kids from a NASA space camp get launched into space and have to try and make their way back home. Classic.

So D.O and space emergencies? I’m so in. Welcome almost to being back sir! And make sure you at least take a couple of days off!

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