Khottie of the Week: Pentagon’s Hui

Posted by Stephanie on October 25, 2020

Khottie of the Week

I’m not sure if you know this, but its a very big week for Pentagon’s Hui. Or Pentagon and Hui. So when I was looking for someone to choose for Khottie, I thought of him but figured, nah, we love Hui so much, he’s probably already been done, turns out? He hasn’t had his own Khottie post before! Well, don’t you think its time to fix that? (If you don’t, too bad, its already happening.)

So how is Hui, leader of Pentagon having his very best week?

Hui Pentagon

Pentagon got its first win this week!

Hui Pentagon

Yes! This group that’s faced so much strife has finally won its first crown.

Who knows, its possible since I wrote this, they’ve had more than one.

Everyone is very excited as this is certainly a deserving group and comeback.

Its bittersweet as this is the first comeback since bandmate Jinho left to go to the military, so while he wasn’t there to take part in this, I’m sure he’s very excited for them.

Its also bittersweet due to the news that Hui is officially military bound.

So, we’ll be about 2 years without him.  Bummer.

Hui Pentagon

Upside, Pentagon managed to get that win right before he went in!

As the backbone of Pentagon, I hope the rest of the group is okay with out him.

I wonder how much contact people in the military have with their bandmates.

I know they can’t participate or make outside money in any way.

Partly why you’re seeing artsts prerecord some sort of music to be released while they’re gone.

Since technically it was created before they went in, they’re allowed to get rid of the no publicity, making outside money rules.

Outside of actual music, I bet they still have some sort of contact with the people in the military.

Especially on those closer groups.

You can’t tell me the rest of Pentagon isn’t sending constant messages to Jinho.

I remember seeing a tweet from one of The Rose members telling fans to send them messages to their latest member who went in and they’d send them over to him… but to keep it short as he had to handwrite it all.

Also, I also remember stories Junsu would tell of all the collect calls he’d get from Jaejoong while he was in the military.

So away, but not completely gone.

Hui Pentagon

Side note, I really had trouble with pictures this week…

You know…

Pentagon Hui

Limiting them.

Hui Pentagon Prism

Hui got HOT.

Anyway, congrats and good luck, Hui!


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