Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Losing Them

Posted by SaraG on October 29, 2020


I follow A LOT of groups and artists. I try to keep on top of all of them, tracking comebacks and activities and shows, but I’m not very good at it. I think it would require a team of interns and a lot more caffeine than would be healthy for me to consume. My kids just haven’t shown any interest in doing my bidding and watching and summarizing content I’ve categorized as “watch later” and then never get to. It’s a big let down and bone of contention in our household. I hate to use the word disappointed, but…

Sometimes I lose groups or artists kind of on purpose, I didn’t immediately bond and had to make a decision between them and someone else. I feel bad, but choices have to be made. Sometimes I find a song I love, love, love, but because the artist doesn’t have much content yet, I can’t spend a ton of quality time with them and then I go back to my trusty menagerie of those with tons of songs and shows. It’s not on purpose and I often regret it later when I stumble on them again and there is just too much to catch up on. 

The other day KpopontheDL popped a new performance by the singer-songwriter NIve into a group chat thinking he’d fit right in with the aesthetic the other person and I enjoy. She was right. This seemingly new artist fits comfortably in with some of my moods. I loved the song. So good. And when I went into iTunes to add it to a playlist, I found that I actually already have music by NIve. I already knew that I liked him. I just forgot. 

NIve is a Korean American musician, producer, and composer that appeared on Superstar K6 (as Brian Park) and finished in the top 9. He debuted as a solo artist in Korea in 2020 but is already known in the industry as having written songs for the likes of EXO, Paul Kim, Sam Kim, and Sewoon. This tells me right here that I should have been paying attention all along. I love all of these performers. Turns out, before debuting in Korea, NIve put out a ton of stuff in the US. If I’d been paying attention to my homeland, I might have known about him much sooner. Curses. 

Liberated, NIve



  • Reply Humbledaisy October 29, 2020 at 10:24 am

    A few episodes ago, Overlord Stephanie mentioned the rapper Villain. And then she said something like “Uh oh.” Can you use your kmusic powers and let me know what’s up with him? He is (was?) with Planetarium and Google is silent on the subject. Thanks for all your pointers!

  • Reply Stephanie October 29, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    I tried this purely by the power of his hair in that top pic alone . This is BEAUTIFUL! If it were 2020 it would be an immediate add to the top 50 list.

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