BL Hotties of the Week: BL, Bubbles and Birthday

Posted by Stephanie on November 1, 2020

BL/ Khottie of the Week

A time that comes once a year! That time when you’re loving friends go “What do you want to do for your birthday?” And usually, I have EYE-deas. I’m a planner. But this year is hard. Options are limited. Options are tired. I won’t go to a restaurant and with new lockdowns of 5 people from 2 households, and the weather getting cold out there, my option was to skip it. Let’s just skip birthdays this year. I believe among the Kpop herd we’ve just decided to skip birthdays, to officially put a hold on them, to stop aging until 2030. It really is just the logical choice.

That doesn’t mean my birthday weekend has been a drum of boredom and sadness, no, Alix convinced me that the weekend needed to be a WEEKEND and I took some extra time off work, and on Friday we did BL and Bubbles the Birthday Edition. And, as BL is really one of the things that keeps me happy right now, I figured, why stop? Let’s do a full dive and hit a BL Hotties and hit up some of my favorite BL actors/Couples!

Because it’s my birthday and it’s my choice!

Heroin, one of the first BLs I watched that I loved and was actually really good! Heroin - BL

Oooh I’ve been rewatching some of my favorites lately… perhaps I’ll have to give this one a go.

Heroin - BL

I was only supposed to choose one of these photos, I have a sneaky suspicion this post might be longer than I had anticipated.

Heroin - BL

Talking about rewatching, last night I literally just finished rewatching HIStory2 – Right or Wrong and I’m happy to say, it holds up. I love watching this couple fall in love.

History2 Right Or Wrong

Not a perfect drama, but who cares? Not me!

 History2 Right Or Wrong

One I can tell you I’ll never rewatch again even though I loved it…until the end. HIStory 3 – Make Our Days Count

GAAAH Show, why did you have to do me like that?

So instead of thinking of plot turns better not taken, we’re going to focus on the super-hot lead,Wayne Song.

And his dimple…

Time for a bubble tea break!

Now, staying with HIStory, as it really is an excellent series, HIStory 3 Trapped, is, once you get past the first episode, swoon-worthy. HIStory 3 Trapped

This is the one that kicked off my binge of rewatches and with each time I revisit it, the better it becomes.

Mob boss and a detective, how could this be a miss?

He’s kissing a booboo to make it better! Get your mind out of the gutter! Not only does HIStory 3 Trapped have a super hot lead.

It has an ADORABLE second couple.

Check out this fanmade video. I’ve seen it a few times and it makes me want to rewatch every time!


HIStory 2 Crossing the Line is quite good, really well done, buttt….. for some reason I only rewatch the last episode. Look at these guys too, so cute!

Funny, as much as I love the later seasons, I never rewatch or think about much the first season of HIStory. The other ones are just so good it makes the original series meh in comparison! Whew. That was a lot of tv. Time for more bubble tea.

Now that we’re past my love of the HIStory series, I think it’s time to realize that this is going to have to be two posts. But first, let’s hit one that’s a bit of a cheat…. Advance Bravely.

Based off an internet novel, Advance Bravely makes you go oooooh I want to see that!

Then you realize, oh, its Chinese and they’ve bromanced it.

I’m trying to make do with the novel but… I am SO tempted to watch anyway.

It’s my birthday, so I say it counts.

Next up, I believe we have the first Filipino to the hottie list, Tony Labrusca from the series Hello Stranger.

Tony Labrusca

To which I have to say…. HELLoooOOOooooOO Tony, instant add to this year’s bias list!

Tony Labrusca

Oh! And did you see Mr Heart, the Korean BL from last month? The one that’s absolutely the cutest thing ever? Proof that if Korea got into the BL game they would dominate?

Mr Heart

Its one fo those shows where you’re like…would I be weird if I instantly turn around and rewatch this? Yes? Oh. Weird it is! Mr Heart

Well, SaraG is popping by for an unexpected birthday visit! Yep. Lockdown and all, this is turning out to be a pretty okay birthday weekend. Stay tuned for BL Hotties part two!

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