Musical Monday – Continuing To Kill It Or Me

Posted by SaraG on November 2, 2020


It’s been a year since I wrote about TXT and my concerns for their debut and my increasing interest in what they’re doing musically. Since that time, despite the madness of COVID and the everchanging and yet completely static landscape our lives have all taken, I have managed to spend some time with the group through variety, MVs, and YouTube. Let me tell you, they are a delight.

Let me be clear here, they aren’t one of my top groups and I don’t see myself falling madly in love (I’m probably lying to myself…I most definitely am lying to myself), but they are incredibly talented, their music is interesting, and the members are charming and have enviable chemistry. I can clearly see why someone would devote huge amounts of time to them. And after this particular comeback, I’m willing to bet they pick up a few more fans. It’s fab.

On October 26, the group released Minisode1: BLUE HOUR, a five-track EP with the title track Blue Hour. The album is heavily 80’s and way early 90’s synth pop-influenced, upbeat with a little edge, and gorgeously consistent throughout. They really do have some of the strongest vocals in the industry right now – not a weak voice among them. The MV for Blue Hour is clever and equally as laced with some of the absurdity of an OG 80’s creation and the music. There is a squirrel in a purple hoody. Come on, that’s gorgeous. 

The members are far too young to have enjoyed the groups they’re pulling inspiration from the first time around, but they’re doing the genre justice. I’m happy to hear this music coming back around and excited to see the twist our Kpop writers, producers, and idols are giving it. 

If you’ve been avoiding TXT because of their label or because of their senior group, please don’t. Take them for who they are – an interesting and talented group giving it their all. Those of us with cool older siblings appreciate being taken at our own face value, thank you very much. 

Blue Hour, TXT


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