A Very Flowsik Birthday

Posted by Stephanie on November 3, 2020


FlowsikThis is probably one of the most exciting posts. I replay the video you’ll see later (no cheating), squee instantly, and flap my hands around like a bird trying to take flight. What is it? So context. 1) Yesterday was my birthday. If you read Sunday’s BL Hottie of the Week, or lived at all this year, you’ll know it’s a harder one. When my friends asked me what I wanted to do? I’d waffle. I’m a waffler. It happens. What I didn’t know was that they had already set a plan in motion that would completely change the outcome of said birthday…

More context. One of my favorite rappers, perhaps you’ve heard of him, is Flowsik. There is something about the sound of his voice that….*shudder* is amazing to me. For all I talk about changing the bias list up and down, back and forth, he is one of the very few constants. Games of MFK, well, we always know where Flowsik is going to land. Games of Hero, B-Lead, Villian? Well, he’s going to be the villain because… swoony reasons.

Still don’t know who he is?
Heres one of his songs, Bbung

Or a personal favorite, Wet, which is a colab with Jessi, another favorite.

When he snarls at the beginning? Yeah… I’m dead.

So context over, back to the birthday! SaraG had been teasing what my birthday present from her Alix and Leila was. Let me tell you, there was no way that any of my guesses were correct, because, there was no way one could guess this. She’d only tell me it would ‘arrive’ first thing in the morning on my birthday, and this is what I woke up to. ARE YOU READY??????



And here’s the birthday present. Probably hold onto yourself if you’re a Flowsik fan.

GAAAAHHHHHHH SQUEEEEEE *Flap Flap Flap* goes the arms. There was no way I could have expected this! FLOWSIK SAID MY NAME. He wished me a happy birthday and sent me good thoughts and attempted to calm the anxiety that flows through my veins. All in that voice. I’m dead. This post is being written to you beyond the grave. It’s been nice knowing you.

For those of you out there who talked me down my irrational ledges and brought me back from sad places, thank you. To those of you who brought me flowers AND surprise tacos? Thank you. To those of you who remembered, loved and thought of me? Thank you. It’s been a hard year and I’m so glad to remember there are people out there who love me.

MWAH. Now go watch Flowsik talk to me again and make sure to throw in a few arm flaps!

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