BL Hotties of the Week: BL Bubbles and Birthday 2

Posted by Stephanie on November 9, 2020

BL/ Khottie of the Week

Last week it became very obvious that I got a little….overexcited putting together a list of BL hotties in honor of my birthday. I had two options, limit the pictures I posted per pairing/person or turn it into two posts. Turns out I didn’t have two options, it was easily only one option. Two posts it is! 

So, as it’s still technically my birthday week, here’s part two of my list of BL hotties!

This is late but its not my fault as the hosting company was being a complete bitch yesterday and wouldn’t let me do anything in the dashboard!  (Hostdinger, why you be harshing my BL buzz?)

2Gether – I love this pairing so hard and not just because they are so pretty.


I love the story.

Win/Bright 2Gether

And they’re pretty.


Alix and I finally watched Still 2gether for my birthday watching marathon. Yep, this was exactly the ending we deserved.


MaxTul – Pairing from Together With Me, the sequel and the upcoming Manner of Death.


Classic BL Pairing.


I really need to go back and finish watching Together With Me. I watched up to a point and then faded out (when the girlfriend revealed herself to be a typical BL female character – BAH!)

Whoops wrong gif, but it’s funny so I’m leaving it! Extra bonus points if you know what that gif is from! 


OffGun How can you not love a pairing that has a show called Off Gun Fun Night?


They were super sweet in Theory Of Love and I’d love to see them do another show together.

Off Gun

My Engineer – Sure this was not the main pairing, but it was the one I cared about the most!

My Engineer

While part of me hopes they do a second season so I can see closure for this couple, then I’d have to sit through the other couples sooooo…… maybe not. 

Love By Chance – After Alix’s recommendation, I gulped down Love By Chance in almost a single sitting. Love By Chance

While problematic, I loooved the Pete/Ae couple.

Love By Chance

I hope Ae gets some therapy and then they can try it again.

Love By Chance

We also got the TinCan couple!

Who is the basis of A Second Chance To Love.

TaeNew – TaeNew Meal Date! I love these Youtube shows.


And their Pete/Kao couple.



….Oh wait, that was just a fic I read. 😉

Tharntype – SWOOOON.

Yep, that’s what we have here. Swwooooonnnn

So much so that we’ve got a currently airing sequel. 

And more favorite pics than I can possibly count.

Untamed – I haven’t seen this one myself and probably won’t, but I know it’s suuuper high on all my friend’s lists!

And since I love my friends? Well, they get added here!

Until We Meet Again – Springs us the most beautiful man in the world.

I’m sure that’s trademarked or something.  And I loooooved this couple.

And not just because of the tattoos and piercings.

I hear they are going to be getting their own show, kind of like a spinoff, which I’m super-pro.

Why R U – Saint hits the list twice first as Pete in Love By Chance and now, here as Tutor in Why R U.

I might have a Saint bias.

I can’t tell you how many pics I saved of this show.

They are so dreamy.

I might just have to do a rewatch.

Because swoony reasons. 




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