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Posted by SaraG on November 9, 2020


Sometimes all of the pre-debut stuff an agency puts out speaks to me and I just know I’m going to love a group – but then they come out with a completely different concept that makes it very difficult to bond. Those times are a bummer. I never give up though. I never, ever, fully let anyone go unless they have truly done something to deserve it. And as a side note rarely is that something musical. 

There have been several things done by artists signed to and high ranking leaders of YG that have turned my appreciation for them a bit sour. But I can’t give up on all of the artists there – being with this company was their dream and they have done nothing wrong to deserve my ire. Because of this and because we all know I’m a sucker for a survival show, I did watch all of Treasure Box and somewhat bond with all six million trainees appearing on the show. I followed those that didn’t make it all the way to their new agencies and debut groups and I waited for the actual final winners – which turned out to be most of them – to debut. 

Their first song in early 2020 was…fine. It was YG boy group pop fodder performed by a whole lot of young men with lots of polish and talent. But it wasn’t unique and interesting enough to really catch and keep my attention. It didn’t have their flavor yet. However, with the introduction of their third two-track single, The First Step: Chapter Three, we are really starting to get a taste of who they are and it is yummy. With the title song, MMM or 음 the group is really moving into incredibly great territory. The song heavily features their rappers with Haruto and Yoshinori shining like the brilliant stars they are destined to be while a few of the vocalists – Yedam and Jeongwoo in particular – really jump to the front of the pack as super talents. It’s got a little SM Flavor with YG edge if you know what I mean. 

The song itself takes advantage of some great sound effects and tricks to make some pretty standard lyrics that much more interesting. The choreo is beautifully in sync with the backing track and takes advantage of the sheer number of members, twelve, to create some clever visuals. With the mv, I am perfectly in love with the song. I’ll be interested to see how I feel after a couple of listens without the visuals included. I suspect I keep it on regular rotation for at least a hot minute. 

Thoughts? Anyone else paying attention to Treasure? 

MMM, Treasure

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  • Reply Stephanie November 9, 2020 at 10:59 pm

    In a move surprising no one: I put this on the top 50 possibility list.

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